Free Response to ‘Brother, Don’t Spare a Dime’ Essay Sample

A quick summary of the thesis about this poem is that, the writer tries to show us how the homeless people these days are available everywhere and how they have become a threat to civil society due to the increased number of them. This means that, in the past, you could hardly find a hand full of homeless people lazing around even though there would never miss one. The writer tries to find the cause of homelessness and asks a rhetorical question, yet he answers to it. He tells us that many of these homeless people like this behavior and make it appear as they were destined to live as that. He supports this by saying that a person cannot just find himself out of a job and into the streets. The author asserts few homeless people care about their lives. Therefore, struggle through while still in the shelters of the streets. The author tells us that, there are people who are homeless due to alcohol, mental illness or even drug use and it is not society to blame.

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In this poem, the writer makes the homeless people seem incapable, but No. These people want the emotional cornerstone of us, the well up people. Spare a dime for them. It does not have to be in the form of money. It can be through clothing or even food. Helping a vulnerable person would suggest saving a situation that could have been lost forever. It would, therefore, be of no hot deal sparring your time to hearing them out and knowing the main reason as to why they are in that situation. Lend out a helping hand unto them because this goes hand in hand with blessings. The writer says that the economy is not to be blamed. The economy can be blamed for this because the low earning workers can reach the amounts acceptable to them and their families. Counting the governments’ taxation on them and the rental or even the bills on whatever little they are earning could not mean much. They thus find themselves in the streets finding shelter for them and their families since they were kicked out for not paying the rent on due time.


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