Free Response to the Novel “Disgrace” Essay Sample

The novel “Disgrace” is a story about a professor in Cape Town, South Africa. Being a scandal person, he faces many problems. To overcome these problems, he goes to live in the countryside so that the issue and the problems caused can cool down. The countryside seems to be an entirely different area for the professor. The Eastern Cape was still affected by the horrors of Apartheid. This was the racism and conflict caused in South Africa at that time. The author himself being a South African could describe the effects of the travesty in the best way..

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The protagonist David Lurie is a very well carved character. Despite the fact that he is not the narrator, we tend to visualise the things from his perspective and we are able to relate to his story. Apart from that, the professor is the soul of the novel, and he brings about the charm in this story.  He is shown to be growing old and having some romantic stance. Other various incidents bring humour, liveliness and charm to the story. In the end, David Lurie becomes gloomy, disheartened and depressed. However, despite all the changes and differences, he is the most significant and well-developed character of this novel.

The time in the countryside was very striking and some questions, which can be asked, will be related mostly to the events which took place in Africa. It was these incidents that develop the setting of the story and help to relate to the audience. Another question which is very significant is why the author chose such a setting for the story.


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