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Considering my current status as an employee at Raytheon and my ambition of becoming a supervisor for the procurement department, I have the following vision of how my life will be after the next five years time. By the end of this period, I will be an empowered leader of the procurement department with good leadership qualities that involve good relation with employees, trust and obedience to the senior level management. This will bring peace and joy in my life since there will be little stress associated with my work place. I also expect to have enrolled and completed my two year masters degree in procurement and subsequently promoted as the head of the procurement department in our company.

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In five years time, I aspire to have already found my co-partner and happily married with at least one child. With my family, I plan to dedicate most of my free time to them and help them live a lovely and comfortable life. This will truly be one of my achievements in life and my heart will be at peace. I also plan to dedicate my skills to my work place and work tirelessly to improve the performance of my procurement department, earn awards and serve as a role model to other departmental leaders as well other the rest of the employees in my work place.

Finally, I know that by the end of five years, I will have enrolled as a PhD student in the nearby university. I will be pursuing a doctorate degree in procurement to attain my educational dreams. Meanwhile, I will be doing this on a part time basis since there will be a lot of responsibilities assigned to me at my work place and at the same time attend to the needs of my family. My financial status will be much better that today and will own a good home, nice car and other valuable assets because of improved salary at work. My personal traits both at work and home will have improved and I will be an honest, trustworthy, respectful and faithful person.

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Considering my current resume status and the vision that I have for my professional life in the next five years time, I can clearly state that the biggest gap I have in consideration with my professional career is lack of advanced education as well as deficient experience and exposure to leadership skills in my field of practice. With my current educational background, work exposure and leadership experience; I may not be a good position to fulfill my dreams of becoming a senior manager at my work place or department. The following action plan will be most appropriate to close the above gaps and enable me meet my career aspirations in my professional field of practice at my work place.  

First, I plan to enroll for my masters degree so that I can acquire the necessary educational qualifications and apply to be a leader in my procurement department. After acquiring a master’s degree, I will have to work hard and dedicate my skills and effort to make sure that my department records improved performance on a yearly basis. I will have to work in coordination with all departmental heads as well as my department employees and create a democratic, free, just and teamwork environment that will see the whole department register continuous better results. In the process, I will be able to get the experience and exposure I need to develop good leadership styles and characteristics needed in management level. I will then enroll as a PhD student and at the same time apply for any management post that will be vacant in the company. By doing so, I will be available to consideration by the company for a management position that will become available. On completing my PhD degree, I will be very much qualified and will definitely be considered as a manager in the higher management ranks of the company.  


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