Free World Literature Response Paper Essay Sample

The masterpiece text elaborates on the physical and condiment materials that contribute to the nature of admiration in human beings. What will save humanity as per the text are materials that contribute to the physical elegancy of the individuals. The concept of little gowns, the perfumes and slippers and other make ups categorized as lingerie ads, appealing to both the eye and taste of mind. The characters in the text advise each other on the necessary and requisite materials that when mounted to the body of individuals, the beauty and magnificent appearance is facilitated. The beauty of women and their appeal to male counterparts will make the latter not to fight, to engage in unnecessary competition since each will be equally satisfied with his mate, partner and wife.

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The male figure in the entire discourse challenges the female interlocutor on the need to ensure that no man could lift his shield, his spear and draw his sword for the purposes of fighting each other with an objective of gaining ownership of women. He asks if at all it was necessary for women to appear in the ceremony with dilapidated and shanty attires that made them look outdated and lacking in taste. The woman responds acknowledging that it was their fault to appear in the ceremony with unappealing clothes. She reiterates the need of buying the slippers, buying the clothes and putting the best clothes on for the purposes of becoming appealing and attractive to their male counterparts. The geographical variation in terms of exposure and accessibility of materials that could enhance the beauty of women contributes to the look of females. The women from the beach towns and islands are perceived to be more appealing and romantic in appearance and love. The island girls are said to be good in riding topside portraying them as the best and beautiful. Others being classified as just women from that town, always being burnt and lacking in beauty and physical appearance. Others come accompanied by unfamiliar smell that is not believed to be coming from them. The interlocutors purport that the smell probably could have been picked from the way, diffusing from the more beautifully attractive women.

The piece of work defines love, sex and marriage as a domain defined by men, selecting only physically attractive women who have decorated their bodies with nice attires, make ups and other body materials that enhance beauty, men will only associate themselves with beautiful and attractive women. The work does not give stable definition of the three concepts clearly since relationships and picking of the mates does not entirely depend on physical attributes and make ups only. Love, sex and relationship are in tandem since love precedes sex and sex precedes marriage in the text. The work is unorthodox masterpiece of relationship

Religion and political orientations shapes and determines the course of relationships since individuals define sex, love and marriage based on their religious and political orientations.  The contemporary analysis of the above concepts is left to the whims of the parties in the game. Love, sex and marriage in the modern society are individual affairs defined by their own orientations. The work helps shed light on how the parties gage who to love and not to love based on the physical attributes and make ups. The geographical locality and places or origin of different individuals also helps in defining their concept of love and beauty. (Cultural heritage language technologies: Mirror of selected Latin and Greek text)


Physical attributes and presentation plays key role in determining who to associate with and who to approach when it comes to issues of love, sex and marriage. Men are visually active and will be attracted to elegantly dressed and physically appealing women.


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