Free 6 Degrees Can Change the World Essay Sample

6 degrees can change the world is a 96 minute TV documentary that was done in the year 2008 and premiered on Sunday February 17th of 2008. The English documentary acted in United States of America. The documentary was directed by Ron Bowman and written by Ron Bowman and Ed Fields. The cast to this documentary was Alec Baldwin. The film shows the effects caused by an increase in each degree in temperature to the world. Fears arising from the film reveal that the world we know could later turn out to be a disaster due to the increasing temperatures.

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The film is based on a book by a British author Mark Lynas known as the six degrees. The film tries to predict the eventualities that would arise to our planet if it was warmed by six degrees centigrade by year 2100. The film further tries to enlighten the world on the importance of stopping the climate change because the volume of greenhouse gases continues to increase yearly. The documentary aired the scientists’ worries regarding the damage the six degrees increase estimated to occur over the next century could cause to the world and its inhabitants.  We realize that our planet is in danger when we see that the concentration of the already emitted greenhouse gases in the atmosphere alone could contribute to almost 1% global rise in temperature in the next century.

Over the next century, a less than 3 degree Celsius rise would cause Greenland glaciers and some low lying islands would disappear.  Above 3 degrees, the Arctic would lose ice all summer, Amazon rainforest would dry followed by extreme weather patterns. Above 4 degrees Celsius, the oceans would dry and human would fight against each other for the remaining resources. At 6 degrees, this would be a doomsday to the whole world. 


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