Free All You Need to Know about Cystic Fibrosis Essay Sample


This is a summary of an article called “All you need to know about Cystic Fibrosis” by Janelle Gardner on a journal named ‘Nursing’. There are two fundamental questions that emanate from this paper; first, what is the most vulnerable age group? Secondly, how is it possible to correctly diagnose cystic fibrosis? These will be the lead questions in this presentation.

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Pathophysiology of Condition

Despite CF affecting people from all ages, the most affected age group is those infants below 3 years. It is normally equally distributed among sexes. Within the first 48 hours after birth, the baby is supposed to have passed a meconium stool followed by bulky and large, greasy and fatty, foul smelling stool failure to which CF is developing.

Clinical Manifestation

CF is manifested by meconium ileum, chronic respiratory infections as well as failure to thrive. This is caused by a defective gene of the exocrine glands leading to production of tenacious and thick mucus in respiratory, reproductive and gastrointestinal systems. CF can be known by productive, chronic moist cough, purulent nasal discharge, barrel-shaped chest, bronchitis and bronchopneumonia.

Diagnostic Criteria

Diagnosis is by sweat chloride test for which CF is present for values over 40 mEq/L in infants and over 60 mEq/L in adults. The sweat chloride test, also known as pilocarpine iontophoresis, measures the sweat electrolytes concentration.


For those with respiratory complications, chest physiotherapy is done by lung’s percussion and postural drainage. Secondly, use of positive expiratory pressure and use of flutter mucus clearance device. Medication would include lactose, multivitamins, pancreatic enzyme concentrates and ursodeoxycholic acid also called ursodial.


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