Free Analysis of Fierce Creatures Essay Sample

This paper will do a case analysis of the scene ‘fierce creatures’ the movie. John Cleese’s persona is derived from an inept and inhospitable hotel manager. He got some maniac energy, impatience and same capacity to get into some unbelievably comic situations. The movie is about a Wanda follow-up when a zoo is taken over by a large multinational corporation owned by a media mogul called Rod Mcain.

The story is about a British zoo which has been recently acquired by a New Zealand businessman. It is put under Cleese’s management who decides to institute “fierce creatures” in the zoo. This means that only deadly animals are to be featured in the zoo. This is based on his believe that violence will attract more visitors.

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Employees like Michael Palin protest at such a policy. They make various attempts to get management change their stand. The caretakers start feigning injuries, claiming they are caused by the fierce animals.   

The animals

Rollo takes five of the zoo’s nicest animals into captivity and threatens to execute them even digging graves for them.  Some of the ingratiating animals include the wallabays, lemurs, ostrich and meerkats. 


Visitors are expected to be attracted by the fierce animals and jam into the zoo but a real zoo visitor gets injured in unrelated incidence, Rollo does not take it seriously. He gets suspended when he wants to show that the visitor was pretending to be hurt by licking her blood to show that it was not real.

Takeover company  

At the same time, Willa Weston from Octopus Inc and Vince McCain, the unloved son of Rod McCain, who is the vice president of marketing at Octopus Inc come to take over the zoo. Rollo is demoted to a middle manager. The two solicit to get sponsors for the zoo to try and raise revenue. But for Vince, he uses celeb names and other top advertising that degrades the zoo caretakers and the animals as well. Vince clearly has a shallow understanding of how the zoo is run and this disgust even Rollo who has fallen in love with the zoo and Willa. The two, Rollo and Willa, start to develop good rapport to each other. 

Rod McCain, who is Vince’s father, arrives from London and everyone gets concerned about the status of the zoo. Rod wants to close the zoo because it is not performing according to him and also because Vince is alleged to stealing sponsorship money.   

Outside the zoo, a confrontation ensures with Willa and Bugsy trying to stop Vince from running away with a bag that contains sponsorship money. Vince meanwhile loses his temper and picks a gun from his office. It is at this time that Rod arrives and threatens that the police have been alerted and were on their way to arrest his son for stealing. In the ensuing confrontation, Bugsy takes the gun from Vince who tries to shoot his father but accidentally goes off shooting between Rod’s eyes. They then plan to fool the police when they arrive, Vince is dressed as his father  and when police arrive with Rod’s assistant called Neville,Vince (pretending to be his dad) instructs them that he has re-written his will. The zoo was now to be under trust of caretakers; Vince now inherits everything and all witness. He later feigns his death (his father’s death) as suicide.

Vince becomes the new CEO of Octopus Inc and zoo keepers destroy McCain’s ownership. Vince fires Neville but Willa and Rollo begin a new life at the zoo. From the movie we see that there are 3 stakeholders: Rollo lee who is newly hired as the zoo’s director and also represents the second stakeholder Octopus Inc which is owned by Rod and the last stakeholders are the frontline employees of the zoo.

This shows that leaders encounter many challenges that they need to solve on a daily basis and should make independent but firm decisions that should not affect a firm negatively. Rollo needs to listen to his employees and share his views with them to be able to make a creative leader.   


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