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  • Identify three key words and /or concepts from the text that you feel are most important. Give a definition of each.

Ethnicity and Racism – Ethnicity refers to a group of people classified by their relation to each other through a common heritage. Racism is a doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups justify discrimination. It is intolerance of members of another racial group. In the text, the theme is prevalent, e.g. “The relationship among ethnicity, nationality…” (311). The other pages the words appear are 312, 314 (political economies of ethnic conflict), 316, etc.

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Political economy – It is the procedure of applying power in a lawful and constitutional way to control the economy of a nation or region. “Political economists note that employers are…” (314). “…developing societies has provided political economy with one of its greatest explanatory…” (311).

 Banana farming – It is the agricultural act beginning with planting bananas until harvesting. “…categories on banana farms suggest…” (311). “…immigrants and Belizeans in the banana belt” (316). Some other pages are 314, 317, etc.

  • Concisely explain the main argument of the text.

The Mark Moberg text, Myths that divide: immigrant labor and class segmentation in the Belizean banana industry, discusses the challenges that face the labor market in developing nations due to racism and negative ethnicity between the citizens. He focuses on the Central American country of Belize where racism has affected banana farming. Most people in Belize are either Afro-Belizeans or Hispanic, who have great hatred and discrimination towards each other. This has affected labor recruitment in banana farms, therefore affecting the overall production of the fruit. Belize is heavily dependent on banana farming for economic reasons so interferences on production affects the whole country.

The author discusses about the origins of racism and ethnicity in the country. He traces it back to the British and Spanish colonial times. He explains how racism and ethnicity has affected both the economic and political aspects of the country. Decisions for hiring workers, wage structure, and job security all depend on ethnic relations one enjoys with those in authority.

  1. Compose two critical questions based o the readings that you can pose to the class to discuss.
  2. The author states that racism started in Central America during the inception of British colonialism (311). With supporting evidence, discuss the truth or untruth in his declaration.
  3. Banana farming is a major agricultural activity in Belize. Discuss the effects of racism and ethnicity to banana farming in Belize.

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