Free Becoming a US Citizen Essay Sample

There are only two ways of obtaining citizenship of the U.S; by naturalization or through birth. Citizenship by birth requires no further action unless if, at the time of birth, the parents were overseas and failed to record the birth as a U.S consulate overseas. Other people may apply to for citizenship by naturalization. This essay describes the processes for naturalization, which is an administrative process governed by the country’s Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Becoming a U.S citizen may require the individual to follow certain general steps including; Finding out their eligibility, completing applications and collecting necessary documents, getting photographed, sending the applications to the Service centre, getting fingerprinted, attending an interview, receiving a decision and finally, taking a citizenship oath.

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Check out the requirements for eligibility, which are:

Proof of continuous residence and physical presence in the United States

Be at least eighteen years old, with a permanent resident i.e. through green card

Should be married to and living with a U.S citizen; and living with the same citizen for past three years.

Ability to communicate in English (Read, write and speak), with a good understanding of the history and government f the United State.

Have good moral character.

The person should be attached to the U.S constitution principles with a favourable U.S disposition

Have a willingness to defend the country as well as its constitution.

Completing an application

The applicant should obtain and fill the N400 form, which is an official naturalization application document.  The form is difficult while some questions are difficult to comprehend so the applicant must be careful and remain honest.

Together with the application form, the applicant needs to send copies of several documents such as their permanent

Resident card / Alien registration card, color photographs containing the applicant’s name and A-Number, IRS tax returns, and mortgage payment. In addition to these, the applicant must send an application fee of $ 675.00 through a check or money order.

Getting fingerprinted

After sending the application together with the documents, the applicant waits for the USCIS to send them a letter, directing them when and where to take their fingerprints

The interview

The USCIS sends emails to applicants to notify them of where and when to appear for an interview. For the interview, the applicant should carry their Alien registration card, passport and any re-entry permits they may have. Applicants must answer all questions relating to their background and application then take English and civics tests.

Receiving a decision

Applicants receive N-652 form after their interview. This form provides them with information concerning their interview. Depending on the information the applicant had provided USCIS, the USCIS may deny or grant them their application for citizenship by naturalization.

If USCIS grants the citizenship, applicants must attend a ceremony of taking allegiance oath to the United States o America. During the ceremony, an official slowly reads each section of the oath and asks the applicants to repeat the words. After the ceremony, applicants receive their certificates of naturalization.

In the case where an individual’s parents are all U.S citizens but the birth took place outside the United States, with no recording at a U.S consulate, the individual may need an immigration lawyer to help them obtain citizenship. other situations when an individual may require an immigration lawyer is when they are found to be not of good moral character, application is for adopted children, failed to list for selective services, and if the applicant provided false information to obtain benefits for immigrants.


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