Free Childhood Development Essay Sample

Childhood development is a term that refers to the process of psychological and biological transforms that normally takes place in human beings, and such changes happens after birth up to the end of adolescence. This process takes place as a person advances from a level of reliance to increasing self-sufficiency. Prenatal development and genetics are generally integrated within the study of childhood development since they play a significant role in influencing developmental changes.

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From Zero to Three website, "Putting Reflective Supervision into Practice" is a journal that focuses on the collective knowledge foundation by investigating the current development and other aspects in reflective management. The journal also gives a highlight on the exploration of diversity that is believed to be in connection with young children and their related relatives. Another journal, "Caring for Infants and Toddlers in Groups: Developmentally Appropriate Practice" offers a base of current information about different elements and issue related to quality care that is taken to be in support of the finest development that is seen in young children and the possible learning that takes place. Therefore, from these journals the concept of belief and early environment for exposure are clearly defined and related to overall childhood development.

From the NAEYC website, "Welcome to Young Children" is an article that was good use as it highlights on the issues dealing with the early childhood education, and it consists of information about childhood all over the world, the possible environmental learning, and the significant statistical experiences gained by such young children. The second article, "Welcome, Preschool Teachers" is all about the cooperative games, different ramps and possible pathways, that are made to assist children in developing self-control, and possible observation during class sessions. Theses articles give a broad approach to childhood development by bringing in the aspect of second party involvement.

The perceptive of childhood development has deepened in terms of understanding that development is as the result of having connections between the child and the environment of existence.  The understanding of the concept has broaden to a level of knowing the origin of the developed traits and skills in children, which in this case, are as a result of new learning achieved from each connection taking place between the child and the environment of being.


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