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"Thus conscience does make cowards of us all; and thus the native hue of resolution is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought."-- Shakespeare-Hamlet. Each person in the world faces situations that seem so disturbing to cope with. That is why Hamlet was deeply in thought contemplating on whether to commit suicide or not. The whole episode is found in William Shakespeare's Play, Hamlet act three scene one, (act 3, scene1 lines 83-85).The refusal by Ophelia to love Hamlet really disappointed and frustrated Hamlet to an extent of having such ideas. As a defence mechanism, Hamlet accuses women of painting their faces to deceive men. Here the status of women in the society is belittled. They are valued as objects meant to impress men and not key players in social or economic development (iii, i, 122-123).Furthermore Hamlet describes women as sinners and main obstacle to immorality.

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Hamlet's behaviour is described by King and Polonius as insane. The two represent the liberators of women in the society. In a 'man hunt' society we need people like the King and Polonius to express disapproval of those who abuse other people's rights.

However, Hamlet is acting out of the lost love. When a person feels that he/she want to loss what is precious to them, they will always have deep troubles with their conscience. Some go to an extent of committing suicide. Solutions we provide to our problems should never be made to turn into complex problems than what we have solved. We should always be wise when responding to challenges. That is why Shakespeare asks whether conscious make coward of us. We should never force to be what we can never be neither can we force to make what can never be to be.


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