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Free Crash (2004 film) Essay Sample

Crash is an American film by Paul Haggis in Log Angeles. The idea of the theme was based on a real life experience of the writer in which he had been carjacked outside a big video store in Wilshire Boulevard. Its theme is on racial and aocial related tension. This is portrayed in many of the scenes as the characters argue based on their races. For example, the first scene on the drama is on an aciident which involved Graham Waters, Ria, his partner and Kim Lee. Ria and Kim are seen to exchange insults based on differences in the races. The study considers what Roger Ebert of Chicago Sun Times argues that the film portrays the way we all leap to judgements depending on our race. It also focuses on some individuals in the film and identify their conclusions on race and insight about themselves and the race they represent.

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Race and racism in the Crash (2004 film)

On May 5, 2005,Roger Ebert of The Chicago Sun Times wrote about film crash and says that its context shows that we all leap to conclusions based on our races. This is most applicable in the modern Los Ageles  due to its diverse cultural  dimensions. Paul Hggai bringbs together people of all walks of life and tries to show how people are treated depending on their original race. For example in the play Anthony and his companion Peter are describing a certain womanwho had clutched her handbag together and huddled into the side of her husband as they moved tyo their black Escalade. Because Anthony had been exorcised by the behaviour of a waitress who treated them with no respect discriminated the behaviour of the woman and her husband and concluded that it is because they were blacks on an evening out. The two natives of Los Angeles argue that the two Africans should be scared as of the well-heeled whites.

LAP Officer Ryan and Tom Hansen are going on evening patrol and noticed a navigator which was similar to the one carjacked, they realized that the car belonged to some blacks, director Cameron Thayer and his wife Christine. They ordered them out but the wife did not cooperate. Ryan sexulaly  molested her in the presence of the husband who remained silence but just walked home when they were realesed without giving them ticket. When Hansen talked to his superior Dixon about changing patners. Dixon being a black caimed that charging Hansen would cost their jobs. Christine was so angry that his husband did nothing to protect her from being molested. The fact is that Cameron being a black who was not allowed to charge a white detective.

Another scene shows a group of professional protectors who are overworked, decentive graham and Ria are among them. Grham a black man and Ria a white woman eventually fell in love against the expected. When the mother of Graham calls during one of the nights after his brother wenting missing, Graham send her away by telling her that he was going to have sex with a white woman. The woman could not hnave power over the powerful white womwn but had to see her way out. The differences between the black and white race is portrayed in the scene when the old black woman walks out in the middle of the night by the mention of a white woman .

The film portrays the black womens to highly molested by whites especially the decentives. The point that the producer and the script writer of the film aims to point home is t peopl areml carried away by preconceptions of the others and their behaviours and attitudes are influenced by the individuals situations. For example, Dillon's racist cop was involved in a serious road accident, he tries hard and sacrificed his life to save that of a black woman whom he had sexually molested the previous night while showing off to his rookie partner during an ordinary traffic jam. This means that black women were not taken like any other woman in the community but are valued by their counterparts for emotional benefits.

These and some other examplews from the scenes in the film shows that the current Los Angeles community is showing a great distinction between various races and social oragnizations in it. Memebers or various races are treated depending on the perceptions related to their race or social groups which is mostly judged according to the complexion of their skin. The producer and the script writer of the play tries to craete awareness of the gap shown between various races in Los Angeles by portraying some real life experiences.

The film is one of the most educative especially about the existing racial and social tension in the current Los Angeles. The producer portrays some incidences in which people have been treated differently based on their social differences or races of origin. The blacks are perseved differently from the whites and are expected to always be at the backdoor or background of the events. For example, in one scene two men are discussing and are trying to express their bitterness after they saw a black couple which had gone on an evening out. They says that the blacks are expected to be scared of the well-heeled white folks and not try to show off.


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