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Free Dates Impacting My Life Essay Sample

The United States newspaper of May 19 1981 highlights the history of the Empire state building. The site of this building was developed in late 18th century as john Thomson farm but it was later relocated due to a stream that ran across its site. The designer of the empire state building was William F.  Lamb of Shreve firm. William adopted his designs for empire state building from Reynolds building in Winston-sale and the Carew tower in Cincinnati.   Starrett Brothers and Eken were the general contractors of the Empire state building while John J.   Raskob and Pierre financed the project.   The construction of this building took place on March 17 1930 and 3,400 workers were involved in the project.   Several deaths occurred during the construction of the Empire state building for instance five people died in the process of construction.   

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The construction of this building lasted for a duration of one year since it was reported that its completion was made on May 1 1931. From the newspaper it was reported that the construction of this building was under intense competition in New York whereby buildings competes for the world tallest building title. 40 Wall Street and the Chrysler building were other two buildings competing for this title but were reported to be under construction when Empire state building was started. The empire state building won the title over the other two buildings but it was surpassed by the Griffin tower Oklahoma in the year 1945.It was reported that the building provided a better platform form Suicides since over the years; several people have killed themselves from the top of empire state building.

The united state's newspaper of 1986 discusses the invasion of Suriname by Netherlands.    According to this newspaper, Netherland planned to invade Suriname in 1986 purposely to Des Bouterse who was a military dictator in Suriname.   The newspaper also indicated that united state advocated for the invasion by supporting Netherland.   Over the years, rumors about Netherland plan to invade Suriname had been going around.   Netherland's plan was revealed through the statements that were reported by Dutch newspaper (De Volkskrant) on one Saturday. Wim van Eekelen the former minister of defense in Dutch was worried by the manner in which invasion plans were kept secret for quite a long period.   According to Dutch newspaper, Netherland had drafted a plan in late 1986 to capture and arrest Bouterse a military dictator in South America for a period of eight years that is from 1980 to 1988 and later he was elected as a president. United state had to support Netherland through the provision of navy ships, helicopters and planes to aid in the invasion.   

The government of lubbers calls up on the lubbers to take part in arresting Bouterse before the invasion.   The paper also indicated that Lubbers government had to send its military troops to the Paramaribo-Zanderij international Airport for purpose of safeguarding it. Apart from that, the government sends other marines to Paramaribo with a special unit to arrest Bouterse from his hiding place.  It was noted that if the plans had yield fruits, Dutch troops would remained in Suriname for a period not less than two months until the time security could be guaranteed in the region .    The American government by that time was under the leadership of President Ronald Reagan.   The newspaper failed to reveal the interaction or the link between the American government and the Dutch. It did not show how the two nations collaborated during the creation of the invasion plan.   United state supported the Dutch by delivery of fighting equipments such as helicopters, ships and planes but the newspaper did not highlight whether the united state government had send troops to backup Dutch military coupes.   Bouterse retained his military dictatorship from 1980 to 1988 the time when he incited a group of Army sergeants to overthrow the ruling government that is the democratic government. The Newspaper indicated that Netherlands is the country or the nation that colonized Suriname in 1975.

The united state newspaper of June 23 1999, its front page highlights united special battle plan for the Korean War ii. The newspaper reported that united state has adopted a special battle plan 5027, which was used first last year.  It was used during the time when the united state and South Korean had military maneuvers joint. The main purpose or aim of this plan was to unifies North Korean incase they launches attacks. Through this newspaper, it was reported that both the united state and South Korea had been involved in intensive preparations for the Korean War ii. These preparations are what the united state refers to as 5027 battle plan that comprises of five stages.  In the first stage, the newspaper reported that the united state would intervene only when the North Korean shows signs of invading South Korea.   It was argued that during the previous battle plans, united state intervened when North Korea had practiced actual aggression against South Korea. According to this newspaper, under the new battle plans, united state and South Korea will respond immediately to the North Korean aggression. 

In the second stage, ground forces will offer severe attacks to North Korean cities in both the east and west coast. The main aim is to paralyze North Korean military base hence making it weak to wage any war against South Korea. The third stage involves destruction of artillery pieces and other missiles That North Korean had staged along cease-fire lines. Through this newspaper, it is reported that the fourth stage will involves the occupation of the entire North Korea region. The fifth stage composed of complete reunification of both North and South Korea under the rule of ROK. According to this newspaper, the entire process should not take long than 120 days of action. It was indicated in this newspaper that North Korea had staged 65 divisions in which 40% represents the combat planes and 60% represents warships.   All of this fighting equipments or weapons are based a long the demarcation Lines. Now under the new battle plans, the united state and the ROK forces are ready to these military bases of North Korea when it shows signs of aggression against South Korea.

Pfizer to let 785 go as three Irish plants close is headline of united state newspaper of May 19 2010. It is about losing of jobs by employees after the collapse of three Irish plants. According to this newspaper, 785 people are due to lose their jobs after Pfizer wished to stop its operation.   Pfizer is among the word's biggest drug maker with highest returns in the united state.   The closing of this manufacturing company will led to lie off many employees since it would mean that 6000 jobs would be cut worldwide.   The newspaper reported that the losses were expected since the Pfizer had purchased Wyeth previous year. According to Dr Paul Duffy who is the head of the manufacturing Pfizer reported that the senior government had paid intervention to the closing of the three plants but nothing could stop the global decision from taking its rule. Through the newspaper, the company ought to place those plants it is closing at Shanbally in cork and Dun Laoghaire, which is in Dublin. The story in this newspaper argues that any sale could probably save some jobs based on those operations.   

The process of closing of Pfizer was signaled at the begging of last when the company had made its bids to capture or acquire Wyeth. According to manufacturing president Nat Ricciardi, said that the plant restructuring would pose severe impacts to the life of employees together with their families. Several social events were experienced in the united state as from 1930s to date.   Example of these historical and social events include the drought, war, outbreaks of diseases, industrial revolutions, economic recess, Agrarian revolution, religion among others.   Of these events, industrial revolution, Agrarian revolution, drought, religion and war are significant events worldwide. Industrial revolution has led to the establishment of factories and industries across the world.   The impacts posed by industrial revolution to the lives of human being include the emergence of new types of jobs, more jobs opportunities, production of new consumer goods and services. With the coming of factories, people were able to work and interact with each other since factories offered a place of meeting to many people. Factories manufactured high quality goods and services that improved the standard of living. The coming of industrial revolution fought the problem of unemployment by creating new jobs.  

Agrarian revolution is another historical event, which occurred in the united state and the world in particular. It was the process in which improvements in agriculture was experienced by the use of machines in production. Through Agrarian revolution, incidents such as drought reduced. Farming was made easier leading to high levels of food production in the world. New markets emerged as agrarian revolution spread to other parts of the world.   New breeds of livestock came into existence through the advancement in agricultural technology.   War is another historical event that took place along time ago in the world.   For instance, the first and the Second World War that led to colonization of many nations in the world. Colonial states such as the British, Britain France among others had contributed largely in the independency of other states in the world.  Although war led to death and displacement of people, it also has positive impacts on people's lives in that it cultivates the element of unity. When people fought each other, they become friends hence being able to live in peace or peacefully. Religion is another example of social event that has severe impacts on people's lives. Through religion, people are taught the aspect of human that is why human lives are important.

Religion teaches people the norms and expectations of a society. This is to mean that through religion, people learn how they should conduct themselves.   If these historical events did not exist, human lives would be different today. Unemployment cases would be higher than it is today, more crimes would have been experienced, and more and severe cases of droughts would have been witnessed among others. All these historical events affected people equally meaning that none was favored over the other. The significant social differences are the education and religion. As it has been argued, religion moulds people's personality meaning that if all people were Christians, incidents of war would not occur in the world. Education is another significant social aspect in human lives since it enables them to adopt new ways or means of solving problems.  Through education, people have come up with new chemicals of treating dangerous diseases hence improving human health.


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