Free Diversity and Business Performance Insights Essay Sample

Kochan, T., Bezrukova, K., Ely, R., Jackson, S. , Joshi, A. , & Jehn, K. , et al. (2003).The effects of diversity on business performance: Report of the diversity research network. Human Resource Management, 42(1), 3-21.

This article summarizes the results and conclusions reached in studies of the relationship between race and gender diversity and business performance. The studies aimed at testing arguments regarding ''business case''. This argument was upheld by a nonprofits organization called Business Opportunities for Leadership Diversity (BOLD) but on realizing that this argument lacked clear evidence, it called for a definitive research to assess the diversity-performance link. The studies were carried out by Diversity Research Network and they observedfew positive or negative direct effects of diversity on performance. Instead a number of different aspects of the organizational context and some group processes moderated diversity-performance relationships. Most of the authors of this article are professors of renowned universities hence have a solid background in research.

Kochan et al. (2003) conducted their research under the banner of the Diversity Research Network, bringing together experts from various disciplines to provide a comprehensive view. The studies scrutinized the "business case" argument, a stance initially supported by Business Opportunities for Leadership Diversity (BOLD), a nonprofit organization. Recognizing the need for more concrete evidence, BOLD initiated the call for research. The findings not only highlighted the moderating effects of organizational context and group processes but also shed light on the fact that diversity's impact on performance is not solely positive or negative. This nuanced understanding distinguishes their work and underscores the complexity of the relationship.

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Yang, Y. (2005). Developing Cultural Diversity Advantage: The Impact of Diversity Management Structures. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2005, H1-H6.

The author of this article seeks to integrate two perspectives namely; resource based view and institutional theory to examine performance effects of diversity practices. The two perspectives are divergent but he views them as complementary to each other because both theories have their own limitations. He suggests that diversity can have heterogeneous effects across different multicultural organizations depending on the characteristics of diversity management structures. Integrating the resource based view and institutional theory, the author believes that simultaneously addressing these two forces can create more positive effects than each of the two factors working alone. The author reviewed a lot of literature on the two theories that helped him to make valid conclusions and suggestions about diversity. This article was Academy of Management Best Conference Paper the year 2005.

On the other hand, Yang's (2005) approach integrates the resource-based view and institutional theory to understand diversity's effects. What sets Yang's work apart is his acknowledgment of the limitations inherent in each perspective and the proposition that their simultaneous consideration can yield more positive outcomes. His emphasis on the characteristics of diversity management structures as crucial determinants of performance effects adds granularity to the discourse. Furthermore, the recognition of the need for a nuanced, context-specific approach in multicultural organizations is a noteworthy contribution.

It's worth noting that both sets of authors, comprising professors from esteemed universities, bring a wealth of academic rigor and diverse expertise to their respective studies. This academic foundation not only adds credibility to their findings but also enriches the depth of the discourse on diversity and business performance.


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