Free Do We Need A President And A King Essay Sample

It is important that the roles of the head of state are be separated from those of the head of government because of the following reasons: Firstly, given the fact that the public focus their interests on the king and its royal family means that the head of the government is given a chance to perform his job without interference from the journalists and other intense public attention and scrutiny. Another reason why roles of the two leaders is that the head of state is separately elected into office by the public and his term is longer as compared to the head of government or the premier who is entitled to more executive and political power. The head of has limited powers and counsels the head of the government on some issues.

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The roles of the head of state and head of government should be separated because it is believed that in democratic societies there is a head of the government who is responsible in guiding the government policy and he is the political leader of the state and the head of state that is basically the symbolic head of the government.

In addition to that, in parliamentary systems of government, the head of government is elected into office by the majority party in the legislature whereby the head of the state asks the successful head of government to serve as the prime minister in which he is responsible to writing the speech that is read by the head of the state during the opening of the parliamentary sessions. The head of state has no political powers at all and the prime ministers therefore perform the governmental functions and the head of the state symbolically represents the nation.


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