Free Empire Strikes Essay Sample

The Superiority of Nature over Technology

This theme is illustrated in the movie mostly by Luke and the Jedi struggle to live simply and harmoniously with nature. They do not resist technology but they are not dependent on it solely at the expense of their own senses and feelings. When Luke comes across Ben and Yoda within their homes, Luke finds that the Jedi masters live seriously and near the land. Also when Luke has to obliterate the Death Star with a single shot, Ben's voice promotes him in shutting off his targeting compute, depending on his own senses, his instinct and his link to the Force. Evidently then, there is something that destroys the soul when one is over-dependent on the technology. More importantly, Darth Vader's final request is that Luke removes his mask, for Vader to be able to see Luke directly, devoid of the technological filter.

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Nature is evidently superior to technology especially when Ewoks rebel the Empire on Endor. In spite of the ancient nature of the weapons that Ewoks use, for example stones and arrows, they end up defeating the technologically superior Imperial troopers. In this movie, Luke does not allow himself to become less active and to be rendered redundant because machines were available for use, like Darth Vader did. This is the reason Luke triumphs all through, although this does not mean technology should be completely shunned. 

The Mystery and Power of Force

Ben and Yoda explain to Luke that Force refers to the energy field established and maintained by all the life in the world. The force is ubiquitous and binds the universe and everything and everybody in it collectively. This force is what gives Jedi extraordinary powers. The Force can also have a more active part and guides Jedi's actions. In regard to Luke, he allows the Force to guide him in aiming and destroying the Death Star. This is the same Force that accompanies Luke in whatever he does and guides him in every step he takes and hence he ends up succeeding in everything he does and therefore he is a hero in this movie. The Force is mainly characterized as nurturing and caring and offers a spiritual dimension to the trilogy. This Force represents good and evil and Luke chooses the goodness of the Force to eventually overcome the evil completely. 

The Myth of the Hero's Destiny

Basically, a hero struggles to get his rightful place within the society and to understand his own nature as well. In this movie, Luke Skywalker fits well in this mythic pattern. Luke is an orphan and does not know his place in the world as well as his identity. He is seemingly lost but he is guided by both Ben and Yoda who share the prudent elder counselor function.

Luke goes through several adversaries, but his biggest challenge is learning self-mastery and with every battle Luke's wisdom and self understanding grows. Nevertheless, in the end Luke has to face his father since he is supposed to take his father's (neglected) place as a Jedi Knight in addition to the symbolic family head.

Furthermore, Luke fights Vader while defending his sister, Leia. In the end, Luke overthrows and saves the father and therefore accomplishes the entire maturity and goodness that the failed father figure did not achieve. In this regard, Luke Skywalker represents maturation of a man, self-definition and this is depicted symbolically by the structure of both myth and adventure.


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