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The 1930s and 1940s period will be remembered in the history film industry in the United States of America. This duration saw movies produced, edited and showcased in conversing characters to each other. This made a big number of the American population love these films and goods returns started being experienced. The films could be easily understood because of the moving photography.  One of these films was His Girl Friday. It was produced in 1940. This pulsating film-cum comedy was directed by Howard Hawks. The stars in this film are Cary Grant as Walter Burns, Rosalind Russell as Hildy Hohnson and Ralph Bellammy as Bruce Baldwin.

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This film compared to others is different and unique in a way. It is based on modern issues that women undergo and the predicament of choosing between settling down in marriage and pursuing professionalism in their carriers. The film is worth writing about because of the role it plays in the film industry in the United States of America. It’s almost all-round characters can serve to set a good example the other characters. This film among other films laid the foundation for more films that followed. The film helped fight gender inequality through seeing and listening to it.

Hildy Johnson plays the part of this estranged woman.  The film has the former reporter Hildy Johnson who meets her former husband Walter in an attempt to clear everything so that she can be free to enter another relationship. Hildy is in a relationship with Bruce whom she is engaged to and sees a brighter future with him. She prefers to get married by him because she needs a relationship where she will be sincerely appreciated as a woman and not one she will be used in a job situation alone. Walter uses some lies on her but she refuses maintaining her stand that she has had enough and she is in another relationship. In the last attempt, Walter convinces Hildy’s fiancée that only a story written by Hildy will heavily influence the release of Williams who they say is being accused wrongly. This because of the respect Hildy has earned over the time she has worked in the firm. .   

Walter goes on to set up Hildy’s boyfriend to have stolen a wrist watch in an effort to show that he is the best. In the struggle to regain the past glory, Grant uses the better part of the movie doing about everything so as to have time with Hildy. Williams escapes in the commotion that occurs in the police station. Walter finally manages to corner Bruce whom he uses Evangeline to frame. Bruce is arrested and jailed for using counterfeit currencies. In the heated political temperatures, the mayor of the city is stranded. He wants Williams found and executed so that he can be certain of the black people votes in the forthcoming elections. The events that follow make this film crazy and so entertaining to follow. This perfect setting is in the police station’s newsroom.

Taking an excerpt from the film, two characters step out form the lift. They are Hildy Johnson who is putting own a striped women’s hat and a suit to match it and Bruce Baldwin who is her fiancée. Bruce is left in the waiting room as Hildy goes into the office.  Hildy sends a signal to Bruce that she will be back in a span of ten or so minutes of which he is not okey with.

Bruce: Ten minutes is way too long for us to be apart.

Hildy: What are saying?

The short serves to show how accustomed Hildy and Bruce have become to each other for the time they have been together. They all feel not complete even for that short period they are not together.  Hildy goes into the offices mainly to talk to Walter who is her ex husband. This is the first meeting ever since they divorced a quarter a year ago.

Hildy: I have been in Reno for one and a half months and also in Bermuda. Oooh, it seems like a day before today (Walsh, 87).

Walter: Hildy, it could be yesterday. I have been dreaming about you?

The time they have been a part seems not to have effect on their relationship according to Walter. He has this strong believe that he still understands his woman and remembers her timetable even being a part for about four months. Walter moves close to her in an attempt to woo her back. He tells her why he has kept her as the only woman in his life.

On her part, Hildy is in his office to at least make him stop the habit of dialling her numerous times a day and sending multiple telegrams. In resistence to lose touch with the ex-wife and a dedicated employer who Hildy is, Walter jokingly suggests that she should accept at least they work together. If she finds it hard working then they should marry each other.


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