Free Different Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Essay Sample

Michael Battle expounds on the work of Harriet Jacobs by illustrating the incidents in the life of a slave girl. This is a detailed narration about Jacobs and how she escaped from slavery in Edenton, North Carolina. It is amazing how she comes to understand the presence of God despite the harsh challenges she had to go through. The author further explains how Jacobs faced sexual harassment from her boss and as a result questions her earlier belief that God was a compassionate father. The survival of the young lady, serves as a story that people undergoing slavery can rise above the occasion and be a lesson to others going through the same ideal. The author further states that the story of Jacobs is an episode that teaches others on the need to forgive their oppressors despite the difficult choice we have to make. The author wonders how forgiving such a terrible event can justify that Jacob went through all these pain.

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On the other hand, Scott Jessica notes that the incidents in the life of a slave girl are an intriguing as well as enlightening perspective at slavery from Jacobs perspectives. The story begins with Linda confessing to be a slave and it is from this perspective that she faces the future, having accepted her state. The author narrates how the reader will come out after reading the story with a better understanding of the difficulties that African Americans had to face. It is true from the authors view, that the love of literature that was engraved in Harriet Jacobs ensured that her story lives for several generations. This is evident through her mastering of literature which will enable several people to read her story and how she overcame the challenges of being a slave.

The author begins by disputing those who hold that the story of the incidence in the life of a slave girl as unbelievable. The author further illustrates that what is more interesting about the story is that Harriet Jacobs goes ahead to create scene in the story that never exist through discovering space in an environment that lacks it. Jacob is able to locate viable mediating spaces when crisis approaches. Three examples are considered in the essay with regards to Linda Brent’s creative constructions. This involves her ability to retain the mother figure despite the death of her mother, the negotiation of her own sexual prerogatives, her compromise between enforced immortality and a personal code of virtue as well as her mediation between other distinct poles of being and being not. The article further goes ahead to make comparison of mothers with the life of the slave girl, Linda Brent with illustrations being the white mistress of the plantation. The author reflects about the haunting, evocative life of a slave girl in North Carolina as well as the final escape from that life. This journey depicts a journey that was travelled by Jacob Harriet popularly known as Linda Brent in the story from the jaws of oppression to final glory in freedom. The description, as stated by Harriet is hard to believe, about the awful ordeal she had to undergo during her experience with slavery. The article further illustrates the story of Harriet from a female perspective, which goes ahead to narrate the traumas and evils that are brought by slavery.

The author herself starts by describing her childhood years and how she was transformed into the new master and mistress. She narrates how she was born as a slave and how she was never aware of her situation until she was six years of age. However, she met her new home with a lot of difficulties. The article goes further to state how the slave spent her new year’s day at the fine residence of her boss in town. Despite her several challenges in slavery, the author describes how she overcame all odds and was like a typical man which she describes in part four of the article. She reflects how her grandmother managed to take care of the children who were orphaned and this gave her a lot of hope to move on with the journey. The fifth part of the article present the reader with the trials and challenges she faced as a girl and how the early days of slavery were like a bed of roses. The jealous mistress is presented in the article in part six and the mistress took advantage of her situation to mistreat all who were under her. The article ends with the episode when the slave girl become free at last and walks into freedom just like other people she had wished to be like.

The life story of the slave girl is presented in such a way that she overcomes several obstacles in her life as she moves towards the final victory in which she overcomes finally. The author presents how the slave girl was forced to live her environment despite her wishes and how she started off by being treated well. The later days resulted in her mistreatment and even being exposed to sexual harassment as well as having to defend her. The empire state is described as a place of refuge where those who have been oppressed run to get refuge. She confesses that it was the Almighty God who gave her that freedom that finally saw her come out victorious. Her story, as illustrated in the entire article is a story of hope and courage to those who are going through tough times.

The author brings a story to the world about how she overcame slavery when there was little hope. The story is written with mastery of literature that serves to show others how the story of an individual can be changed with hope. After the death of her mother, Jacobs have to face challenging situation in which she was taken in as a help which turned out as slavery. On the other hand, she had to be exposed to sexual harassment at the hands of her master.


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