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Mafioso is one of the brilliant movies with fascinating comedy about Antonio Badalamenti; born and raised in Sicily. The film has been relayed in black and white color to suit the early periods of 1950’s and 60’s. This film is based more on drama and less of fiction to support its theme. Mafioso is a comedy action with positive and negative events. The captivating scene in this film is how Antonio controls two sides of his life from being a family man and a gangster. Alberto Sordi, the director of the film has crafted the film to bring out the two sides of Antonio. First he makes us to see the positive side of him, Antonio, as a happy honest loving family man. Later, we see the negative side of him as the discreet gangster. As a mafia Antonio is seen to engage in unimaginable acts which place him as a threat to the society. Alberto has also worked well on the cinematography which is incredible in bringing out the real character possessed by Antonio. The varied musical sounds which comprises of horrifying and on the other side pleasing effects. Horrifying sounds are played especially when the dark side of Antonio is brought up. On the other side the pleasing soothing music is played when the better side of Antonio is manifested, especially when he acts as the loving family man. Alberto has brought up this incredible skill to twist different moods of the viewers in concentration of serving his script. The musical score is great!

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Cinematography Techniques

Alberto Sordi has also used exceptional cinema editing techniques. In bringing out different characters in the film, Antonio’s moral characters are briefly scripted. His positive and the negative sides are well arranged and have scenes that do not last too long or too short. This makes the viewer to yearn for more action as well as leaving someone thinking a lot about the movie. The director, Alberto has also blended the surrounding backgrounds and costumes of the film to bring out different characters of Antonio. His set of designs and costumes worn by Antonio when under totally different scenes gives the viewers different impressions towards Antonio. As the gangster Antonio uses different types of costumes different from the ones he uses as the family man. As the community man Antonio wears Sicilian male caps which everybody wears after going back to his home town. In doing this, it symbolizes Antonio as a staunch lovable community member, totally distant from his negative side. Alberto also uses different backgrounds to relay Antonio’s dual character. By him meeting with Don Vincenzo, a local don, in Sicily gives the darker reality of him. Under this scene, Antonio acts as a messenger boy in undertaking an assignment of a hit man. Don Vincenzo had been instrumental to Antonio in acquiring his cushy job at Milan and wanted a favor from him. He consigned a packet to him and wanted Antonio to undertake a discreet mission in New Yolk and New Jersey. The purpose was to murder a troublesome, competing gang member. New Yolk and New Jersey are used as the stages for tragedy heinous activities while Milan town is used as the background of positive character, the loving hardworking family man. Alberto is seen to use these backgrounds to portray the negative events happening in the major towns. Major cities are associated with tycoons who are concerned to greediness in materialistic things and would do anything to acquire them. They rape, kill and destroy as seen in the operation conducted by Antonio.

At Milan, Alberto also uses the background of that setting to bring out the positivity of Antonio different from the later character. Working at the firm, Antonio’s positive traits are well developed. This setting shows that although Antonio had his negative side, he could still be a good father. Such a good man’s engagement as a gangster could therefore be justified as a favor for a friend.

The film has also used drama to bring about the dilemma and justification of being a gangster by Antonio. He is faced with great threat should he refuse to advance his help to Don Vancelo. Though threats are not given directly but Antonio clearly understands the implications of the neglect. He fears that his family, wife and kids, lives might be faced with danger. He knows the people he is dealing with and has to live double life. The film dilemma is also justified by the fact that by the acts of negativity, being a gangster, a positive consequence is reinforced, protection of Antonio’s family. How far can a good man go in protecting his family?

Antonio’s Face in Milan

At Milan, Antonio wears the cap of a good person and in that case a family man, Antonio has his beautiful wife and their two little daughters. His family is doing well and he takes the role of a loving father. Antonio works as a foreman in a factory in Milan and he is seen as the diligent, trustworthy and fair person. His honesty is clearly manifested when he borrows a pen from a friend who is a worker at the factory and later returns it to him. Is he that honest? His other positive side is seen where he decides to act responsibly by taking his family to Sicily town where he was born and raised. Antonio wants to avert the long term negative notion by his family over the people in his town, Sicily. They believed that the town comprised of gangsters and bad people. He went ahead to take his wife and his children to Sicily to meet the family. They are amazed because they had never seen Antonio’s family members. They find the region to be beautiful, friendly people, plenty of food and colorful inherent traditional activities. This picture contradicts the negative personality of Antonio.

Antonio’s Face in Sicily

At Sicily, Antonio wears another mask of tragic gangster and a killer. As a gangster, he deceives his wife of the impending hunting activity and later come back home having killed some rabbits. The organization had planned everything from the start to the end. He is discreetly flown out of the town to America to kill a troublesome gang member. The consignment is given to him by Don Vincenzo, a local Mafia. Antonio is shipped back to Sicily after completing the job and everything goes as planned. This act of murdering the stranger affects Antonio Badalamenti but his intrinsic personality is quite ready to keep the secret. This is followed by his acceptance to embrace the southern and northern cultural practices for the rest of his life.

Reflection of the Society in the Film

The film is conveying the message of the negative societal beliefs towards a certain town or people. This is seen by the belief held by Antonio’s family towards his people. They had negative notion about them and the rumors spread about the town.  The film also conveys the societal secrecy; Antonio gets into discreetly planned gang ship activity by his fellow local countrymen. He gets involved with the gang activity to have peace for himself and the family.  The society also reflects embracing of cultural activities by the Sicilians, it manifested where they all wear same type of the cap for an individual to fit into the society.

Moreover they are conservative; they are seen to view the society in having conformity and mistrust outsiders. They have greater belief for honor of which is important than anything else. They also have communal operational merits and believe that one cannot make choices based on their intrinsic thoughts. This film is considered as one of the best films acted in the mid 20th century. It gives early societal beliefs and transformation. It makes us understand the dual side of an individual and reasons behind.


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