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The movie tries to analyze the impact of money in the American politics, as well as elections. The power of money is the driver of almost everything at all levels in the American government and everything is attached a price tag. Money became a significant factor in deciding the persons that occupies the White House, the Congressional seat, the fate of reforms in the healthcare, efforts to ensure accountability in the Wall Street, and the environment.  Doubt has been cast to the American population on the possibility of representative democracy to thrive in the midst of dirty money.   

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The decision by the court increased the mandate that the corporate had over the America politics. It resulted to a public outcry with numerous people demanding the government to limit the influence money in elections. The judgment meant that the elected judges are even more prone to the corrupting power of money, since the majority of their cases have direct effects on the corporate America. In addition, a considerable number of judges’ campaign funds came from lawyers and lobbyists. In 1845, Texas became a state, and its judges were the governor’s appointees through the approval of the senate. However, this was changed in 1876 allowing people to elect their judges at all levels in partisan elections.

Texas was the first state to have a judicial election whose cost exceeded one million dollars by the year 1980. The candidates’ campaign contributions, between 1980 and 1986, in the judicial elections increased by two hundred and fifty percent. The judges were accepting and soliciting extremely huge sums of campaign contributions, and this trend necessitated for a change of tact.    
The likely contributor and donors to the judges’ campaign kitty includes lawyers, lobbyist, and corporate America. Being the main contributors of the campaign funds for the sitting judge, they will demand favors and this is likely to compromise justice delivery.
I propose that judges nominating commissions have to be set in place for the purposes of hiring judges with a criterion for determining their qualifications. An evaluation mechanism should be established for reelections and promotions. 


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