Free Korean Culture through Films Essay Sample

The film ‘The aimless bullet,’ portrays a typical third world country where people have problems; including unemployment, poverty, and health. This film shows an average family, where Song Chul-ho, as the head of the family has to take care of his sick mother, a sister, his wife who was pregnant, his brother, and his two children after wartime. Song Chul-ho is an accountant in a company and just like any other person who has to take care of the needs of those he takes care of; he assumes his role and tries his best to provide for them. This shows a culture where a man is the head of the house and therefore, the breadwinner.

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It was at this time when the social issues in Korea were at the extreme. The poor state of the country, contributed to all sorts of evils that people could do to earn a living. Due to this, Song Chul-ho’s sister went into prostitution, leading to her and arrest. This was another source of stress to Song Chul-ho. His brother also attempted a bank robbery and was subjected to death penalty. From his clerical job, the salary he gets is barely enough for him to feed and provide other basic needs for his family. Therefore, he has to persevere with toothache because due to his financial status, he was not able to see a dentist for treatment.

This movie portrays the Korean politics to be unstable. This is the main cause of the war that brings all the people’s suffering. Westernization evolves as an evil act in the society. Song Chul-ho’s sister dresses in a western garb and flirts with an American soldier. Her brother denounces her as his sister, although she went into this due to poverty. South Korea and the United States are on war because the U.S service men are in Korea. Most people became refugees and poorer after this war. In this society, the women are viewed as low class citizens and all authority and power are given to men. Compared to the current situation, women have taken their positions in different fields and men have lost their superiority hence, gender equity.


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