Free "Let the Great World Spin" Analysis Essay Sample

Let the Great World Spin is a book about the New York City which was written by Colum McCann and it involves two central events where the first event shows the real life of the twin towers which show a sort of an allegory and the second event is about a courtroom trial of a prostitute from the New York City and is only brought up in the midsection of the book. It is a homage about the New York City and it begins with ahistorical event which was true when the character Philippe petit was able to walkover a rope which was between the World Trade Center’s twin towers and was quite a marvelous sight.

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The chapter 3 of this book talks about “A fear of love” and was narrated by Tillie. Corrigan’s character in this chapter was inspired by Father Daniel Berrigan. Though he was not that perfect in his deeds, he loved God so much that he showed his love for God by showing love to all those who were poor and less fortunate than he was. This was a very good living example which was also brought up by Jesus when he cared for the sick, the poor, the less fortunate, and the sinners.

Corrigan is a religious person who is struggling to choose between the woman that he loves and his faith. This puts him in a critical situation since he has to make a choice between his woman love who is a Guatemalan nurse over his God. Tillie on the other hand is a prostitute who is in trouble with the law because of her prostitution life and she hopes very much that the prostitution life that she lived which she had passed to her daughter was not going to pass to her granddaughters.

The whole of the book deals about two main themes: that things usually happen by utter chance where he said “things happen. Things collide” and that all the things that happen do so for a reason. The high wire walker connects everyone in the entire novel but what binds the characters more is grief which also connects all the other chapters in the novel with chapter three. The book is a heartbreaking book and all the characters in this book are able find redemption and comfort at one point of life.

Corrigan as brought up in chapter 3 is a mystery since no one can be able to read his mind and that might have been the reason as to why most of the characters in the book were very fond of him and attracted to him. This is what makes this chapter in the book very appealing to a majority of the readers of the book. All the chapters in the book are written and narrated from a woman’s perspective which makes the chapters to be linked and connected. The characters used in this book are mostly women who are wounded sufferers, whores, and good girls.

In the Lara’ chapter, “ A fear of love”, there are small details which were very meaningful in the story like the brief scene where she was standing by the elevator in Corrigan’s apartment on her way to deliver his brother’s possessions was very meaningful in the chapter since it brought up the character of Gloria. It shows women’s life filled with alcohol and drugs.

The writer has been able to weave his protagonists’ stories through his central events by the exploration of the impacts that they have in their lives in each of the events as portrayed in the novel. This book has brought about the theme of fear which was clearly brought up in chapter three when Corrigan was afraid of love. In the other parts of the book, the theme of fear was also well defined by the characters in the book. This story brings people together and gives them a hope into the future by embracing their sufferings and grief.


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