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The film “Let the Right One In leaves the contemporary vampire folklore outside the entrance and in its place decides to centre on an on a daily basis life perception and the story of two abandoned youngsters who come across each other and presently means at the vampire myths.It is commendable nodding to agree every time the film wins a new grant, especially when its DVD has internationally been released just because it is a film that is truthfully impressive and watching it would send one thinking that it is a great movie. It would leave someone who has read the book and still remains glued to the film however much they are familiar with it, dissatisfied for it is amazing.Of all the movies in Sweden, Let the Right One In is one particularly film that was one most enthusiastically awaited for such a long period because many people including fans from overseas were inquisitive to know what the grumbles on the event path in Scandinavia was concerning. This does not have to shock anybody who reads the book because it invokes a number of attractive and tremendous pictures in its approximately 500 pieces of paper of contemporary play with a wide measure of horror topics and rudiments woven all through the manuscript.

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The film is about a story of juvenile, friendly adoration, a hesitant affiliation amid two toddlers who were both outsiders. The vampire narrative and everything else in the movie merely explains how their affection for each other faired on.The petrified and lonesome kid, Oskar is in his room at his home, scraping weekly trimmings of faults. His solitude more or less has him improved when he stands with his arms on the freezing window, yearning for a companion and one his lonely nights as he was waiting when he saw somebody vacating to the next door .He finally meets Eli, the girl next door who is really not her type. Oskar played a lot of games that were imaginary and retribution where foliage increased for his opponents, as he toggles the boards on them and mocking them himself, compelling the unreal opponent to shriek like a swine.  There is tension after the very first encounter both celluloid and intext since one of Eli’s remarks to Oskar that he can’t be friends with him. This obviousely sets a big challenge for the main characters.  Eli says something that you really feel and see is very opposite. While in writing the auther has the possibilities and tools to let you explore the minds of characters, read their mind and their inner fellings, the film is totally opposite and brings you into the real world where you have to do with facial expressions, body language and reactions. This ofcourse is why people prefer the book than the film. In the film sound tracks and facial expressions dont manage to bring the message through.

At the end of part one, theere is a big passage in the book. A short time after Eli solved the puzzle cube for Oskar; she kills and feeds off Jocke under the pathway as hakan fails to bring with him blood during his outing. In the book we dont read what happens between Eli and Hakan, although we get to understand that she is being reprouched for killing the drunk. However this scene illustrated from the impressions of Oskar on what he had the sense of hearing through the walls. The book explains that Oskar hears shouts from Hakan and Eli replies with her supple fair tone. Lying in his bed, Oskar listens to them, spying on their argument through the walls. Oskar swears to kill Eli’s father if he beats her after he heard shouts, thuds and a loud bang.

He makes conclusions that her father is just a drunkad just as his father and promises to rescue her. He concludes that they have something in common and swears to save her from her father who is abusive. We learn through this passage things about this protagonist Oskar that would not have been put fourth. In the subtext we also see Oskar’s fears of his drunken father who has been missing in the book all this long. However this only happens in the head of Osksar and cannot be seen on the screen no matter how had we try. The movie shows this passage as if is possible presenting Oskar as saying these things loud even though we know that it is not possible. In the book this is represented in three and a half pages while in the movie it si done with less than forty five seconds.


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