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Without doubt, technology has led to correspondingly the online and the print editions of news coverage. In my assignment, I was able to find a recent and easier way of getting fascinating and captivating news at an affordable cost. It is noteworthy that we can access information at any given time.

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Live video coverage and pictures of Dr.Murray during the court proceedings were in the Los Angeles Times website in order to give the reader an insight, first hand, and captivating understanding of the events that led to the death of the famous musician Michael Jackson. In addition, charts used to show the musician years down from birth to death besides a Google map that gave direction to where Michael Jackson lived in gives more information to the reader that is not easily accessible in the print edition. I would view the video in order to get information on the court proceedings on what led to the death of Michael Jackson. The print did not have the captivating video, charts and Google maps that gave details on the effects of the musicians’ death. Online edition ensured the provision of live coverage proceedings of the court, including pictures that did not feature in the newspaper.

In the story, of the murder case court proceedings I have found online media more advantageous than print edition because of a number of reasons. Notably, the online edition coverage is available on the internet that is fast to access at all times and everywhere than the print where an individual has to purchase the Los Angeles Times newspaper before accessing information. Additionally, the online edition is captivating, interactive and well equipped with first-hand information to back up the story.


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