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The author presents an overview of how immigration structure is organized and how different groups of individuals navigate their way through these systems to gain access to foreign countries for matters of employment. A comparison is made between expatriates entering Hong Kong and their counterparts from this country leaving for other destinations. While the former are mainly employment led, the latter have several issues regarding their migration from their home country, for instance, after gaining citizenship amongst others.

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A survey on the role played by migration channels which act as intermediaries to help arrange for issues surrounding immigration status quo, like housing and employment, is also analysed from the two group’s point of view. These channels seem to really interfere with barriers and obstacles laid in place by state immigration legislative; while most expatriates rely on this channel for their entry into Hong Kong, their counterparts do not depend on the same channels to emigrate but rather use other avenues like professional journals and newspapers, intercompany transfer and acquisition of academic qualifications in the country.

Most of the expatriates have their jobs arranged prior to their migration in this country, this contrary to professional emigrants from Hong Kong, majority of who finds jobs long after they migrated from their country; most of them hardly use these migration channels to effect their emigration status.

The main theme in this reading is the assessment of migration channels between countries by featuring both immigrants and emigrants. The author tries to assess whether these groups secure a job after migration into their destiny country or get a job before migrating, and hence he examines the role played by the migration channel used by each group if applicable.

Most expatriates rely on migration channels to gain access into Hong Kong, and thus most of them would have secured jobs and housing long before their migration. This is contrary to most emigrants from Hong Kong who rely on this channel, as most would migrate because of other factors like gain of citizenship. This review is critical for the entire article because it presents the key issue of importance.


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