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This movie is about the situations that the medics have to face in their everyday lives. The world is progressing at a very fast rate and with this there are developments in health and life saving technologies. However, there are multiple occasions in the world that these medications and lifesaving technologies do not have the answer to many diseases.

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The documentary gives examples of many people who are able to survive with the help of respirators or ventilators and spend a large portion of their life depending on these machines. The technologies do tend to increase the problems associated with effective decision making at the end of a life. The doctors, family members or friends even are face by this issue at times and these are moments in life which are very critical. There might be a question that the survival chances are minimal and the person is less likely to live a sole and healthy life even if his disease is treated. The question remains of whether it will be easy to let him go from this world or try to save him and he may probably spend the rest of his life in pain and agony. These critical decisions leave a burden on the person taking them as if he takes a decision to try saving the life of a person, which he probably will if it is a kin he will go to any extent to save him. Not only does it cost money but may increase the suffering for the victim. However, he/she cannot obviously take the opposite decision where there is a glimmer of hope of the survival via a healthy life.

Therefore, the technology has brought crucial questions and decisions along with it.


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