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The director of this movie is James Cameron. The themes and motifs of titanic movie include; self-denial, human being technological skills, sorrowful feelings, condemnation of abortions and rescue of children to form families probably nuclear families like in an episode where Jack and Rose a particular child. In addition, the movie has a major value of procreation and nurturing of babies. It's also based on theme of love referred as ballad and a theme song 'My Heart Will go on' which became popular after its release in the year 1997.

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The song in the movie has instrumental motif made by Horner. He later on developed an urge to make a complete song out of it to be played in the film. Celine Dion was the first one to record the song after being persuaded by her husband and the manager Rene Angeli.

The difficulties of life; cultural and physical are themes in this movie for instance Jack is physically retarded, handicapped and restricted for stealing Rose and the Heart of the Ocean.

Cameron does a juxtaposing motif. There is a coming in of human relationship experiences and the world together at a go of scrupulous science and wide. There is also presence of metaphors in Titanic movie concerning human trust and seriousness. It's clearly depicted when Rose and Jack agree before the ship knocks iceberg that her wish to take off the boat with him instead of Cal is nonsense.

The director of the True Lies movie is James Cameron. Arnold is a secret agent who seems to be careless. A theme of infidelity is depicted whereby Arnold is suspicious of his wife playing on him and uses his secretive tips to investigate. In addition there is fanatic theme resulting to Crimson Jihad organization the centre of Harry's (Arnold) efforts. The exiting scenes shots in Georgetown, the Florida Keys, Geneva and Switzerland are done with planes. The seriousness diminishes and becomes a comedy in the end. The movie has got a paradoxical title and the other whole bit is done with computers that create general entertainment. This pushes people spend much time watch such movies in hope of drawing meaning to their meaningless existences and also getting into fantasy because people think will better their lives through it. This is a very despairing view and there are superior reasons. Technology has given an impression that people have more time on their side.

The film absolutely has a misogynistic and misanthropic tone. In wisdom people are hurried for a period because they have to meet their entertainment duties. Nowadays no longer people work full day and incase they do, they achieve much more than olden days. Most of the basic needs in life like food, shelter, and clothing are definitely provided and people spend their time the way they wish this is not the case always in ways of life though it's justifiable as there is hope at the end.

The themes portrayed in the film are all about human struggle and also second chance all these  revolves about spiritual death and rebirth .The characters experiences and learns several things like love, brotherhood and also supremacy of the nature   as shown in Abyss . The community composed of scientists experience a reflective swing throughout the storm. The umbilical lifeline shifts from the surface, light, knowledge also the theme of motherhood and birth are reflected in the film. Benthic Explorer assumes the role of a mother and teams are dependent on her for livelihood with no lifeline leaving the infant drilling short of air and nourishment and the falling drill expresses the themes in the movie.

The power of human technology controls the group and defeats them every time just like constant pressure overpowers the walls .The availability of water outside that is ready to get in the crew's residence   represents an inverted womb which at anytime can collapse though   The theme of pressure against human social tribulations is experienced underneath the water these forces sometimes contribute to the processes of rebirth all this remove the character from their comfort zone. The pressure is steady all over the film.

After watching the film the audience understands that the human race is unsteady nowadays though harmony, brutality, death and also knowledge are inevitable in upcoming days and audience speculates these when they consider abyss.

The judgment day is one of the famous sci-fi movie shown on the screen its concern with individual situation though it has few things to focus on it includes small portions of campy discussion and also achievement in addition to that it has magnificent cinematography which makes the movie delightful. The narrative targets to end universal Armageddon which encourage the use of machine which assume that robots should not replace living being .However after the stage is closed they imagine they are victorious but they are amazed to discover in the next movie that robots are in use.

A great portion of the movie portrays the theme with characteristic of fate and destiny the major thing that is ignored in the film is the section that describes psychological wellbeing system in the United States. The spectators are aware that the woman isn't insane but the films are in agreement with that declaration since all people treat her in the same manner as the mad woman is handled .The designers of the movie wanted to say that by the time the film was composed the psychological health providers are less proficient but this concerns psychological sickness. The matter of fate concern John a lot but it seems attached to him the emergence of robots later was delayed though it took time for   him to realize he wasn't in fact being brought up by insane lady. Without robots in the movie the narrative would be unusual but the episode would be filled with excitement and also adventure the lady had taught him to be militant .The movie portrays a modern society that is composed of family without order.

The theme expressed in the movie is the sacredness of the tie that is created linking mother and child and also the phenomenon of creating life also shows that love is portrayed where jack wishes he can die on behalf of Rose in addition to that Sarah Conner's bear's indefinite love for her son. Cameron appreciates creation of life that why he is bound to question abortion as it's shown in these two themes. Here there is confirmation that Cameron's injects delicate but obvious reference concerning abortion in the film.

James Cameron's shows more than love episode that exists between Sarah Connor and also Kyle Reese though Kyle Reese goes through dreadful hell in the past he later gets divine respite in the woman he had tried to protect earlier. Their love at the end of the movie is consummated into a sight of eye-catching expressive catharsis. The motif later changes into mechanical pounding with unrefined gentleness though the terminator comes in roaring and destroys the end product of their love. The performance is obsessive and unconstrained but their love is portrayed as true love despite that love exists in a condemned human race.

The terminator is assumed to be automated abortionist though this is purely a scene of the episode since it's openly described. The film major scoundrel makes effort to execute human's rescuer through abortion this supports ethical explanation for abortion.


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