Free One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Essay Sample

This assignment is based on the Movie One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest which is an American drama which was directed by Forman, Miloš. The assignment evaluates on how the events of the story would be used to reform the hospital policy of admission, diagnosis and treatment. The main character Nurse Ratched’s was enforcing group mentality and individualism in her role in the play. She ensured that whatever she does instilled fear and self loathing by making sure that the inmates were not allowed to be alone.

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She completed the inmates to form groups of eight in order to request on any activity this was seen as a draconian order which should be done away with if a new policy is to be formulated. The nurse also evaded the inmates to rebel against her as long as she would make them to expose each other pain which preoccupy them most of the time.

The story highlights on the leadership in the hospital and the role being played by the hospital need to be reviewed. The authority in the hospital made sure that its does away with individualism and only encouraged groups which in admission, diagnosis and treatment can not be done at a group of people each person has a unique ailment and even if they are suffering the same ailment they are in different stages of its manifestation. Therefore, each person should be admitted, diagnosed and treated alone.

The policies in the hospital were set to withhold and promote self interest which McMurphy’s was very keen on insuring that he disrupt the Ratched's schemes which were carefully designed to ensure that the spirits of the inmates were quashed. I would recommend for implementation of policies which are not personalized but those which are universal to be followed by everyone in admission, diagnosis and treatment of the Mental patients.  Although McMurphy’s actions were being seen as if he want to establish himself as the Top Dog and assume the power in the ward his main aim was to eliminate self interests which Ratched’s had instilled in the operations of the ward. 

Nurse Ratched’s institution was certain that the inmates were prisoners of their own fear. This is a vice which the institution capitalized on by making sure they are authoritative and repressive in their operation to instill more fear on the inmates. By instilling fear they were able to control them, Ratcged capitalized on use of public embarrassment to make inmates turn on each other. This made them to be more fearful not to be exposed on their flows to the groups. Such extreme measures should be done away with in the new policy as the nurses would be required to maintain high level of confidentiality on the mental patients whom they are taking care of.

Any slight disobedience the inmates were punished this was done by physical abuse which should be done away with as it’s against the treatment policy in the jail where they were meant to be rehabilitated. Due to the fear which they had they were even fearful of indulging in their daily activities such as living voluntarily, taking alcohol or even having sex for fear of being intimidated.

Nurse Ratched’s has ensured that she affected bio-phycho-social-spiritual live by affecting on how the inmates would freely relate with each other and indulge in their daily life without fear of intimidation or being embarrassed. By elimination of self interest and fear the inmates and the staff in the hospital will eventually have a free way of expressing what is required of them without fearing of being intimidated or made to be fearful on whatever they would be doing.


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