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The Novel Brighton rock that is authored by Graham Green was published in 1938 and then thereafter acted in films. The title of the novel is used to stand in for a metaphor for a human character. Pinkie is allowed to take his mob over and in the event, becomes the main character that keeps the events in motion.

In order to analyse pinkie’s character, emphasis shall be put on how good or bad he relates with other characters in the novel. The deductions are made according to the way he carries himself around and how he makes to be a leader of a gangster that is responsible for a series of crimes in the locality where the novel is taken.

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In matters of spirituality, pinkie believes in the world of internal spiritual realities that can not be seen anywhere in this world. At the beginning he knows these realities are waiting for him after death and therefore decides that his life on earth ought to be a good one that is away from the atrocities of this world. His lawyer Prewitt explains to him that the world that he is in is itself hell and they are neither out of hell themselves. This tends to be contrary to most spiritual beliefs in the modern world. The spiritual people most of the time suffer as they try to refrain from criminal activities so that they may live a better eternal life after they die. Another aspect through which it contradicts with the modern world spiritually is pinkie’s lawyer belief and opinion that they are already living in hell and they are not out of it. Most believers have faith that once they die, that’s when one meets his/her fate during judgment and that god shall be fair during that day.

Pinkie also doubts whether this world is the most suitable place o live. He is noted at one time saying “I don’t believe what my eyes don’t see”. This shows that pinkie doesn’t want to think that the spiritual world exists. Most people in the modern times also don’t because they feel that the unseen is insignificant and therefore unnecessary.

On matters concerning heaven and hell, pinkie is not of opposite opinion; in fact he strongly believes and accepts the teachings of the Catholic Church but in a shrewd way. He does not understand a single idea concerning heaven and he seems to understand something about hell “Of course there is hell flames and damnation”

At the beginning he believes that it is after death that he will confront hell. So he doesn’t have time for it now. He openly admits that hell is just there and therefore sees no need of thinking of it and continues to say that he will see it when he dies. Shortly before this, he states clearly that he doesn’t take stock in religion. Pinkie believes that he can gain influence and status by utilizing his position as Kite’s successor. Later Pinkies realizes that his original views of the way things are in, is a straight mistaken and hell is real.

There is also imagery repeated in Brighton Rock as a chance to pinkie so that he can repent. He really becomes aware that there is something trying to get into where he was through glass then continues to ridicule if it were a beast or whatever it was, he says that only God knows what it would do. God tries to show himself to Pinkie but he seems to have a thick wall that is hard to break. In other words, he resists God.

After this episode of imagery and his declination to an offer of mercy, he can’t actually escape God’s judgment. His death comes as a form of supernatural punishment as if literally flames got him. The “hand” stands conventionally as the action of God while time stands in to show how Pinkie’s hell experience begins before he even dies as divined by his lawyer, Prewitt. 

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Secondly, pinkie is found to be merciless especially to his victims. The way he treats his victims is bad as he tortures them without mercy. This is depicted by the way he at one point mistrusts Spicer  because of the way Spicer expresses discomfort concerning pinkies gang increasing its violence activities. He therefore decided to kill him because he saw that Spicer would eventually leak the information incriminating pinkie to Ida or police. On many occasions, he murders and brutalizes people without remorse. This way the writer gets the story going and achieves his objective. He is also easily repulsed and obsessed by sex and connection to human beings.

Pinkie is also depicted as being neurotic because he abhors sex. When he was a child, he used to peep and spy on his parents to see them make love. Then, he was disgusted and arouse by the act. He feels bad when he engages in sinful activities. This is mainly because he was born and raised by Roman Catholic and he even knows himself as being evil.

Further, he appointed Dallow to be his second in command and really finds him the best candidate for this because he can trust and confide in him. It is only a good leader who can know who to choose to be second in command.

Pinkie is also religious because we are told that he is catholic and also his wife is catholic. He decides to take Rose to be his girlfriend and wife after he falls in love with her because he knew that if he left Rose for another lady, he would risk his life since rose would be able to incriminating evidence and the whereabouts of Pinkie to the police. This shows that pinkie is intelligent and knows how to handle issues and that he can do anything to protect his fate. Though he does not really love her at first, he later develops an occasional feeling of tenderness towards rose because he is just a normal man that needs a woman to love.

Brown is also projected as being opportunistic. This is seen as he comes into two main conflicts in the course of the novel. First with Ida Anold who is a local busy body and keeps looking for him so as to bring justice to Hale by giving incriminating information to the police because it was the right thing to and also Rose, the girl he falls in love with. Pink looks at rose and sees an opportunity to live a normal life despite the fact that he does snot love her and looks at her initial as his inferior. Later he does anything even going as far as killing his henchmen so as to impress her and thus win her love.

Later he goes for a civil marriage to marry rose so as to safeguard his life by tying rose from giving information to the police. This union is dysfunctional from the start because he goes around degrading and abusing her and sees nothing good can come out of her because he feels she is inadequate sexually. Ida tries to persuade rose so as to run away from the marriage but Rose decides to go against her wish but instead decides to live on with this monster and devout catholic called Pinkie. Rose sees her mistreatment as punishment for living in sin and so she doesn’t care but love the idea that she will go to hell with Pinkie. This is absolute stupidity.

Pinkie is also drawn to be rough. This is displayed through the way he handle his henchmen and the people around him. He is shown as who doesn’t care and is only moved by things that matter to him only. When discovers that hale will disclose the incriminating evidence to the police, he kills him and this leads to the rolling of the story.

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On the other hand pinkie is depicted as a lonely man who does not want to relate to people around him because if he tries, his criminal activities shall be known and he will be in trouble. He does this as a defense mechanism against the forces of Ida and the police.

Pinkie is also independent and industrious. This is seen by the imagery created when we see a seventeen year old boy being the ring leader of the gang. He plays his cards well and organizes the game independently though at last he is cornered and killed. This also illustrates his skill full lifestyle.

There are also paradoxes brought out concerning the Roman Catholic, which in this case seem to show that Pinkie is doomed by first of all his environment and his temperament that he will go to hell. Despite this, he is still held accountable for his deeds. He lacks imaginations of how other people suffer and does not value those he has no affection over.

Pinkie must have been charming. This is the case because it is not normal for a young and looking lady like rose to love and stick to this thug if he was not charming. Rose decided to stick to him alone so as to be given security and protection by pinkie

He is also jealousy because he when he takes rose as his girlfriend; he sees it as a chance to live a normal life. However this is not true because he is jealous of Rose’s beautiful and free life full of happiness and then wants to destroy her life so that they live a life of being fugitives. Rose is easily lured in to this kind of relationship and we finally see her being trapped and unable to release herself from this jealous trap. It is like, pinkie want to die with Rose and Rose want to die and go to hell with Pinkie because they both know tat they are living a sinful life.

In the end we see pinkie being coward when Ida unravels the whole gang and brings the police to the presence of Pinkie Brown when he decides to splash an acid on his face to run away from reality slapping his face as he tries to attack Ida. Finally as a man he falls to his death with a lot of pain and confusion.

As a conclusion, the analysis of the character of Pinkie is mostly negative because of his sinful nature and the kind of lifestyle he decided to live. He was born as a normal boy and lived a normal life, assisting his parents in doing everything and as he grows old, pinkie is seen developing these negative personality traits which later turn into vices and a nuisance to the wider society. A boy of seventeen is supposed to be in school, but little Pinkie has already picked a career in crime; this is shameful to the parents who especially failed to show their little Pinkie what to do right.

If all these personality traits were to be negated and turned into virtues, then the word for little pinkie would not have spelt death but real life that is full of blessing both to the family and society as a whole. 


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