Free Race, Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation: Intersecting Identities Essay Sample

The article “Race/Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation: Intersecting Identities” studies two main hypothesis on overlapping roles of racial ethnicity and sexual identity.  With sample of nearly 450 people of various socioeconomic racial and cultural backgrounds, researches enriched their sample and minimized margin of error. 

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Authors have been researching two main hypothesis, that they believe have been true for their sample. The first hypothesis states that ages and time lapses through which white lesbians come through differ from lesbians of color, however, they do not differ between Latin and African American ethnic groups. Second hypothesis suggests that degree of identity disclosure is different between lesbians of color and white lesbian. However, again, hypothesis states that they are approximately the same for Latina and African-American cultures.

After the thorough research it was concluded that lesbians of color take more time to evaluate and decide on their sexual orientation, although time period between decision and disclosure is shorter than within the sample group of white lesbians. White lesbians take less time to think, but it takes them more time to come out of the closet.  Researchers believe that short period between decision and disclosure in lesbians of color is due to the fact that this group has to face more obstacles in society then white lesbians. Lesbians of color come to disclose their sexual identity faster for the reason that they have to learn how to deal with triple oppression sexism, racism and heterosexism. They have to learn to manage pressure from the dominant culture as well as their own, which requires two separate strategies. 


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