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Scholars have for a long time advocated teamwork and collaboration as a good learning social model with a lot of benefits to learners. Michaelsen proposed one of the successful applications of collaborative learning the team-based learning process used in class without computer support. This essay will examine the TBL process implementation and evaluation results in class but which does include computer mediation process otherwise called computer supported team based learning (CS-TBL).

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Key concepts and issues

To promote active learning, working in teams is emphasized and to achieve this TBL model is introduced to computer mediated techniques through small groups. Thus the CS-TBL reduces time constraints in class. Here students are encouraged to participate in online discussions. To facilitate online activities WebBoard discussion is used. A module forms a theme within the course for each individual preparation. Then teams are formed at the start of the semester and stick together for the rest of the semester. At first each individual prepares himself/herself and then take the Readiness Assessment Test (rat). Then they are organized to their respective teams where they are involved in problem solving. Problem-based learning (PBL) approach where students collaborate to solve specific problems is used.

Contribution to organizational behavior and management practice

Before such meetings, students are intended to prepare themselves first before they meet for discussions; this is a great way to learn self management. They also learn how to interact and learn from their mates' kind of contribution they make. The students are again motivated by not only fellow students but also by their teachers. This brings about enjoyment and satisfaction with the learning experience. All the above prepare the students on how to interact with their group peers and prepare them for future interaction behaviors and how to best conduct themselves.

Research has shown that CMC tools can be used to enhance learning experience by actively engaging the learners to be active and encourage them to be good communicators. They share knowledge and learn to be interdependent of each other. Apart from establishing trust on one another they are known to enjoy themselves and are satisfied. This prepares them for future assignments.


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