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In the essay “Should Everyone Ban Pit Bulls?” author rationally analyzes the problem of breeding pit bulls – one of the most popular and at the same time dangerous dog breeds. The writer puts the convincing arguments for and against keeping pit bulls and overall emphasizes responsible dog breeders’ point of view leaning toward the idea that owing a pit bull should not be banned but has to be restricted by relevant rules. Author’s position is very reasonable, and it is proved by strong arguments as he tried to reach the compromise between two opposing sides.

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While there are many strong sides in the essay, writer’s position is too much loyal as he pays the main attention to the breeders’ point of view and doesn’t take into account the point of view of victims who experienced pit bulls’ attacks. Counting on responsible breeders is wrong because most of the pit bulls’ owners don’t pay much attention to their dogs’ socializing and training. Quite the opposite, very often pit bulls are trained as fighting dogs and simple imposing stricter rules of breeding will not help prevent breeding dogs for fighting.

As there are many cases of pit bulls’ attacks on people, the government should make everything possible to ensure safety of people above all. The priority should be human life and health and not the ambitions of dog breeders. Every victim of an attack has a right to be uncompromising: why should other people live in fear if someone in their neighborhood keeps a pit bull? Even if the dog is well trained, other people may not be aware of it, you can’t say that the dog is not dangerous only taking a look at it.

To satisfy both sides of the conflict it is not enough to make the rules of keeping a pit bull stricter. We need the long-term and fundamental changes in the society, in the whole culture of dog breeding. To help other people feel safe such dangerous dogs have to be kept inapproachable to others for some period of time. People will stop being afraid of these dogs when there are not any new attacks for a long period of time. During this period there should be developed a culture of right breeding, and dogs have to be kept in safe places. And very probable that after some period of time during which people will not hear about new attacks, and they will be aware that all dogs are bred properly, they will become loyal to pit bulls and will be ready to accept them back to the society.


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