Free Roots of War Essay Sample

The director in the movie is trying to inform the viewers on the processes and various obstacles that were faced during the Vietnam War. There was a great resistance from the Vietnamese even though the Americans were assisted by the South Vietnamese. Both the US and South Vietnamese occupants were trying to stop the spread of communism which was rampant. Before the Vietnam War the director gives a notion that there was war in Vietnam between the Vietnamese and the French colonial rule.

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The director is addressing various problems that were faced during the war as a whole. These problems range from the lack of proper collaboration between the northern and southern parts of Vietnam and how difficult it was for the US troops to sail past the various traps that were set by their enemies. The movie directly reveals the various methods that were used during the war and how they were applied to the enemy to secure victory.

The Vietnam War is interpreted as one of the cold wars that were fought with much passion from its participants. It was a war where the fighters received support secretly from other countries which were not able to come out strong in the open and do the providence of weapons because they feared that they might be attacked. There are various sympathies the director makes as the movie goes on. The children and women in the country suffer a lot as a result of the war.

During this time of the war things like medication and education are not heard of hence the population suffers a lot from lack of knowledge and being forced to go for war which have no clue of its importance. The director makes value judgments concerning the end result of the war; this is seen as the people of US already are aware of the victory they are going to get from the war. This indeed is the case at end of the movie. The viewpoints that are represented indeed give the viewers an upper hand of understanding the subject of the movie.

People are seen to be suffering around this time and others are forced out of their places of stay as a result. If the movie was given to another director he would have made it better by presenting precise materials which revolve around the war and not from other outside sources. The director has not adopted the best approach for exploring the subject. This is because of the difficulty that is seen when looking for the thesis of the movie. Scenes from the movie that show how the various points of view include the bombed choppers that are sent from the US, the viewpoint of the director that shows how intense the war was and shows how hard the people of Vietnam fought to ensure success of the whole process, were not achieved at the end of the day.

Historically the movie is accurate because of the time structure, from historical readings the war in Vietnam lasted from 1950 to 1975, this is clearly reflected in the movie and various occurrences are accurately provided. The using of old tankers and other computer equipment that were not developed technologically indicates that this was the time around 1950s. The movie gives a clear picture of the events that took place during this time. As the jungle war is fought the soldiers are seen using weapons that are from this period between 1950 and 1975.

The movie does contribute to the understanding of the subject matter as it is a visual aid that is represented. This usually is easier to comprehend than reading a book or a magazine on the same issues that were addressed in the war. The issues of war and rivalry amongst different groups have been showcased and the desire for power of those people who are ruled and want to rule or neglect the set laws. This is clearly shown in the movie as both leaders from both sides are trying to make their teams win to take over the whole territory.

There is not much that this director does that others don’t, for him he collects only the important portions that are meant to be used for the subject matter. The movie is well directed and it is watchable just as other movies, it indeed has stirred the imaginations of many and the only judgment that can be given is that the movie needs some improvements in some few areas where it is not satisfactory.

As a whole the movie has discussed many issues ranging from memorandum of associations to breaches of contracts that are set by individuals. In another instance the movie shows how leaders give a lot of challenges when they require their followers to follow them. The leaders also determine whether their subjects will win or lose. From the movie the leaders who did run the war, worked tirelessly hard to ensure the war was won by them. The Vietnamese were defeated because of the various policies and leadership skills that were done by the US and other countries that decided to war with them.

This movie has aroused more curiosity because it does not end up well as expected after the war, what was to come or be expected needed to be shown by the movie to avoid various assumptions that are made by the viewers. The movie is given a 3 on the star scale but thumps down because of the presentation of the movie and its background. Information needs to be provided on the various backgrounds like what led the people of Vietnam go to war. Such information will enable the viewers make their judgments without any problems.


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