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Free Satellite Wars Essay Sample

The essay is about commercial advertisement by Direct TV and Dish Network. The paper relies on considering an advertisement about a similar product but approached using very different campaign strategies. The paper also considers the kind of audience the advertisement targets. In addition to that the kind of image these two giants firm are creating for themselves while advertising is brought to light.

The paper in addition to what has been mentioned seeks to establish whether the commercials are effective (in my own opinion), the manner with which rhetoric has been incorporated and appeals to the market, the argument they make against each other and finally the difference in demographic characteristics of their audiences.

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Commercials refer to those activities that are televised in order to attract the attention of certain section of the public. The aim is to make certain products known with the ultimate intention of convincing as many people as possible to buy the product thereby increasing the sales volume of the manufactures. This field of business has made giant advertisement firms especially media houses to brush shoulders the wrong way. For instance, Direc TV recently accused Dish Network of advertising falsely which claimed that the former charges more money for the same services and products offered by the later.

Direct TV and Dish Network

Direc TV is a direct broadcast satellite station with its base in El Segundo in California. It transmits digital satellite television as well as audio to households in USA, Latin America as well as the Anglophone Caribbean region.

In 2006, the station begun running a series of commercials by using popular characters both in movies as well as in TV shows. It also runs a program in HDTV, have channels for the entire family to enjoy, the TV is 100% satellite, and these make it well known.

Dish Network is stationed at Meridian in Colorado and is considered the forth largest pay-tv service provider. It offers its customers with direct broadcast satellite services which encompass satellite TV and audio programs, commercials services to almost 15 million Americans.

It is worth to note that these two giant firms have been fighting to woo customers into their side and this is very evident in the manner with which they carry out their commercials. Although not necessarily taken to court by the other counter part, there are a number of cases in which both have been found guilty of malpractices.

Two different marketing campaigns for the competing product

The two commercials I choose for my essay are the commercials about the two competing organization advertising their own products. For both, their target audience is very American for the Dish Network and for Direc TV in addition to American; it also targets Latin American as well as the Anglophone Caribbean region. For instance, Dish Network commercial on Red Ferrari and the one called Frank Caliendo Out take seeks to promote and entice more people to watch the services provided by the station (Youtube, 2006).

The one done by Frank is indeed funny because he says that the things offered by Dish Network are so many till he just stammers when trying to mention them. The rhetoric in the commercial captivates people as it is well incorporated. In addition, his yelling that we no longer need cable is repeated to ensure that the target audience appreciates the fact that cables are indeed not necessary for them to enjoy satellite television. In the case of the red Ferrari commercial the driver is amazed by the billboards showing that Dish Network offers free television satellite system. He opens the door of his car which is smashed by a bus. He is not shaken because he knows he will receive the Dish Network satellite services. The lady on the other side of the road is also astonished with the manner with which the driver does not give the smashing of his care a serious thought. She also notes that this is because of the offer Dish Network is offering. In my opinion I find the two commercial by Dish Network to be effective on the basis of the arguments brought forth.

The Direc TV commercial done by a Russian gay in which he says the satellite save money, it is the best, popular and there is a five month free for most premium TV package is not only funny but short carrying the message most needed by the target audience (Youtube, 2007). His Russian ascent will definitely make anyone to give the commercial a second hearing and indeed a second thought. The part in which he kisses a giraffe in my interpretation is what one will feel when enjoying Direc TV services; this is a very creative idea with a better incorporation of rhetoric.   

The commercial that seeks to compare Direc TV and Dish Network is crafted in a simple manner. Although the product they are advertising is similar, it is done in a manner that it takes time for one to decide which station is being favored in the advertisement. The comparison, prices, the kind of customer services, variety in sports, contrast, kind of available material, longevity of the batteries, DVI, are the equipment user friendly. All this in deed is made in favor of Direc TV.

Two different marketing campaigns for the same product

The product chosen for this case is beer advertisement made by the two rival firms. The arm and leg advertisement by Dish Network depicts that it is safe and the best for all. Seeing the a woman cooking with her injured arm and his husband missing one leg, they attribute this to the fact that their TV of course referring to Direc TV that it bits is a pathetic thing. There neighbors tells them that Dish Network have in place the best deal so far.

Another example of advertisement involving similar product but different strategies is the advertisement for beer. While Direc TV beer advertisement is male oriented, well dressed, Dish Network beer commercial is done by a lady who is scantly dressed. From tradition, beer commercials have been seen to involve women that are scantly dressed and up to date it seems there is no any other method that can be used to replace this (Youtube, 2008). Both the firms targets persons that are over 18 years old as it is not allowed by law to advertise alcoholic drinks to person below this age.

From my own analysis, the argument brought forth by the woman both in word and non verbal, coupled with the rhetoric in her statement about the drink, it will appeal more to the targeted audience that the advert made by Direct TV.

From the review, it is very clear that competing firms do use different strategies in advertising for a product that are either same or competing. What needs to be done is to ensure that they do not breach the law of the lands when carrying out various kinds of commercial. In most cases, for the two firms, their target audience at a greater level share demographic characteristics. All advertisement for both firms has been developed in a very creative manner that appeals to the target audience. In my opinion, rhetoric has been well incorporated to captivate the target audience. Lastly, the arguments brought forth by each firm are convincing and attracts the attention of the public.


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