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In relation to Krulik (2002) Silkwood is a movie based on a true life story that starts and ends with MerylStreep (Karen Silkwood) taking a ride along an abandoned road in 1974. Karen was looking forward to meet a New York Times reporter so as to deliver adequate evidence regarding the negligence that existed at the Kerr-McGee plant located in Cimarron, Oklahoma (p.54). The film's balance flashes back to Silkwood's bawdy private lifestyle with her loose-living friends Diana and Cher, and her boyfriend Kurt Russell. However, this is contrary to her boring job at Kerr-McGee. Apparently, the job was interesting until Karen and some of her colleagues at the office became infected by radiation. The top management intends to get rid of this incident under the carpet, but Silkwood suspects that something devious was going on and alerts the union. Consequently, written evidence regarding the insufficient safety measures and x-rays acting as proof for the faulty fuel rods that result to Silkwood's illness are interfered with, leaving Karen with no option but to carry out her own investigation privately. 

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According to Krulik (2002) after a serious investigation, Karen eventually gathers sufficient evidence and keeps it in a briefcase which she intends to deliver to the NY news reporter for exposure. As a matter of fact, Karen never makes it to meet the reporter since she gets in a serious road accident and according to the official report regarding the fatal accident; Karen had been driving under the influence of alcohol and tranquilizers (p. 55). Though Kerr-McGee finally compensates Karen's family, the truth behind the accident is never revealed. Karen was simply a mere employee in Kerr McGee firm who wanted justice for herself and her colleagues who had been contaminated by the radiation. Due to lack of social justice, the people responsible for the contamination eliminate Karen when they realize she has gathered enough evidence regarding the negligence at the firm. Karen risks her life for the sake of obtaining justice for both herself and her employees.


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