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Socialist feminism is defined as the aspect of feminism that mostly concerns woman's life, liberation through focusing on achievement women and studying on cultural and economic oppression of women. Socialist feminism is the ability to consciously change the environment to suit requirements so as to sustain the gender consisting of private sphere life of women.

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In Donna Haraway's "Cyborg Manifesto" he expresses different views of Socialist feminism. Donna Haraway's utilizes the metaphor of the cyborg in the subject of Socialist feminism through use of analogy that she uses to implicate likeness of an entity to another.

Some of Donna Haraway's quotes include "I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess", and also the quote "Gender is always a relationship, not a preformed category of beings or a possession that one can have".

In these quotes we can reveal a lot of gender oppression experienced, there is continued intense sexual discrimination as most labor is marginal or feminized. Donna Haraway's emphasized of an Element of radical feminism which includes situations where men socially dominated women, and more privilege is given to men while the women are oppressed.

Donna Haraway's cyborg manifesto is created when she stipulates ironic political myth, which leads to combination between socialist and postmodernism. She creates a creature which as aspects of both fiction and social reality thus portraying a metaphor of postmodernism and a post-gender world. Donna Haraway's creates the cyborg from elements of seduction and powers to wholeness of high unity. This concludes of Haraway's subject matter of social feminism being both of a metaphor and an ultimate source of lived reality.


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