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As per the fallacy of success by G.K. Chesterton, the author feels that the public is being foolishly misguided on what success is all about. He thinks that the people have attained a crazy notion they can easily succeed from the numerous articles and books published all over the continent. People are so hungry for success to an extent that they are willing to spend their money on irrelevant success publications and they forget that the writer’s of the same publications could possibly be not following those tips so as they can succeed also.

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The purpose behind the authors’ article is to enlighten the people that everyone is successful in his own way and most of all; people are all successful because we have the breath of life.  He tries to motivate the public that as much as they try to do better at what they do, they should not truly trust whatever other people say regarding how they came succeed. It may not be known what they did but the fact is, whatever path they took succeed may never be the same that will make others succeed.

In the text, the importance of the phrase success is to help the reader understand the true meaning of success. Success is usually seen as attainment of wealth, honors or positions but the basic thing about success is the achievement of one’s own set goals.

The context is aimed at helping those people that feel that they are under achievers for not succeeding like the rest to have a positive attitude in life. People should know that they all have different destinies and they all have something unique that none other posses. There are many avenues to success and so people should maximize opportunities that comes their life.

The audiences are likely to have different views regarding this context but most should agree that success is not all about earthly possessions but it’s rather the situation where any person, rich or poor, man or women etcetera sits back and feels that he or she has accomplished what was meant to be done. The author’s context is likely to get ridicule from the audiences as he assumes that none of success publications are worth spending money on. It’s a fact that a high percentage of people that have succeeded must have at one time been motivated by such works.  


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