Free Summary Essay of How to Win Friends and Influence Essay Sample

The essay is divided into four potions that try to explain relating with people. The first part talks about the fundamentals of handling people followed by six ways one can motivate others to like you as a person. The third part involves making people adopt one way of thinking that you ascribe to as an individual. The fourth and final part is on the topic of leadership and hot to lead without giving offense to one’s subjects. This describes the basics of diplomacy in communication skills in order to win over a crowd to the way of thought as an example. These methods could be quite useful especially when used in the political dimension.

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The first part offers guidelines on how to handle people when communicating with them in order to get through their defensive exterior. These aspects include avoiding criticism and complaining. These would be helpful if they were followed by earnest and sincere appreciation for things done by the other party for your benefit. The last principle is to arise and eager interest in the other party, which separates you from the rest of the crowd. The second part details six ways to make people like you, which include some communication basics. These include formal listening skills and being interested in the other side’s welfare. Therefore, it is necessary to talk in terms of the other person’s interest making them feel respected.

Doing this in a sincere manner will make the other person feel wanted and part of something other than humanity? They will feel cared for and thus in a more comfortable position to give their trust. At this point, they are more likely to give information about themselves and let you into their inner circle, which depends with the person. For some, the wall might be too large while for some, the wall if fairly easy to breach.

The way to win people to your side of thinking is to convince them without their knowledge to take such a step in the first place. This can only happen when maximizing the diplomatic angle. Thus, when in an argument the best way to handle the situation would be to look for the easiest exit strategy and avoid the subject altogether. If you were the party in the wrong in this instance, then it would be better to apologize for the discrepancy and proceed.

It would also be better for the other person to agree most of the time. Thus, keeping them saying yes is part of the idea in this aspect. Trying to see their point of view is part of the package. They will feel understood as though they have known you for a longer time than they have because they already feel comfortable trusting you with their information. Therefore, they should be the ones as the protagonists of the conversation. In this way, the former task of viewing life from their perspective also makes you look as a better listener.


The last part details making people change without raising offense or resentment from any party. The first step is to highlight the party’s strengths and qualities to boost their ego. Then highlight their weakness as indirectly as possible. The best thing to after would be to allow the other party to have an opportunity to save face and praise their slightest improvement in this field. Thus, it would be better to give the person an admirable reputation to give them encouragement. This would be better accompanies by using encouragement such as that the fault is quite easy to fix. 


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