Free The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Essay Sample

Prufrock’s paralysis comes naturally from this subjectivising of all things. Others can never comprehend Prufrock if every consciousness is an opaque sphere. Prufrock has no experience, this is according to Bradley and the eventual quoting of Elliot that he lies open to inspection from outside. His vision can never be told to the woman because it is evident that the woman objects all he says. In the woman’s objection, she answers everything by saying that is not what she meant. This statement reveals to us that Prufrock lacks the ability of expression as his vision is regarded.

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Prufrock is portrayed to be having a very poor relationship with time and space. Prufrock is said to be immobile, secondly he is unable to make decisions, he makes hundreds of visions prior to having his toast and tea. He remains imaginative rather than becoming real in his experience, he sees himself going up the woman’s stairs and telling her a number of things like Lazarus who had risen from the dead. Prufrock is unable to differentiate times (past, present and the future) he takes them all to be immediate this leaves him impaired in all ways.

There is a big rift between Pulfrock and time, since he has his own future and the olden days since he has an objective time and not self. He reflects in his present and future life and says that he grows old, he will wear his pair of trousers folded, and this according to me depicts him as a man who despairs easily in pursuing his goals.

In the song, a number of confusions are witnessed, Pulfrock is said to be talking of his visit to the woman and later he is said to have failed to make the visit to the lady in a very long past. Pulfrock’s existence is in an endless present, and all that awaits him seems to have met him. Pulfrock is not firm and therefore he remains to be a loser in his efforts to win the woman’s love. Concisely Pulfrock’s characters can be well defined as being: shy, isolated, sexually retarded, he is more than sensitive and finally cultivated.

Pulfrock’s altitude revealed in the use of shifters by Elliot is the biggest impediment towards winning the love of the woman in the song. Had he changed this he would have been the husband to the woman and earned himself peace of the soul and his heart.


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