Free The Movie “Food Matters” Essay Sample

The modern society is getting sicker because of the increased substitution of food as medicine with chemical additives and pharmaceutical drugs. In the movie, James Colquhoun, Laurentine ten Bosch and Enzo Tedeschi provide verifiable solutions for trouncing illness naturally. The movie “Food Matters” presents powerful proof to ascertain the primeval insight that regards food as medicine which in itself is a solution to the current health crisis. The major topics addressed in the movie include the use of food as medicine, elements necessary for good health such as food supply and food quality, the practice of organic and sustainable agriculture, and the health benefits of vitamin C which helps to prevent various diseases such as common cold.

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The authors of the film affirm that with the right kinds of foods, detoxification processes and supplements, we are well positioned to prevent and even revert chronic illnesses. The movie is aimed at disapproving the medical notion that place more emphasis on pharmaceutical drugs for treatment of any kind of illness. “If individuals can embrace lifestyle changes in regard to nutrition they can reverse increasing levels of severe illness” said ten Bosch.  James Colquhoun stresses that a normal and healthy body is endowed with powerful defenses that it cannot and will not develop cancer or any chronic illness. 

“Food Matters” is a must-watch movie for those looking to control their health. It is quiet inspiring, invaluable, and engaging. The movie is an eye-opener to the truth behind the deceit fed to us by medical practitioners. From the movie, I have learnt that good health is dependent on the nutritional choices that we make. As a person, I need to observe what I put into my body. Of course modern medicine has its place when it comes to major traumas and emergency circumstances. However, not every health problem requires expensive medical attention.  In other words, we can eat our way to good health. With healthy diet, detoxification, and vitamins we can successfully treat terminal diseases and chronic illnesses. 


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