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The attention and debates on organizational ethics has never been greater, than it is in the current business world. Be it in Wall Street or the smallest business street in America. For any business to grow, organizational ethics are extremely vital as they govern the nature of the relationship between the workers. There are two ways of approaching this topic; from an individualistic approach, and from a communal perspective. There are so many things that the business world can borrow from the world of sports. For any team to win, teamwork is vital, while at the same time placing personal interests on the side.

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The short film, The Home Run, is a proof of how being organized, having a common goal and objective, can help forge an organization forward. This is a short film about a girls’ sport. Two girl teams are competing and are in the last minutes of a tight game. The home team, Wolves (in red) is trailing the other team by two innings as they come for their last bat. As can be seen, Wolves players are a little agitated and anxious on how the game would turn out.

Here, is their last chance, and the girl batting is not making the maximum out of the situation

It is at this instance that we see the role that organization plays; one of the girls takes it upon her to bat and win the game for her friends. However, she is also nervous and keeps her team members anxious. However, when she bats the ball out of the field, she hurts herself and cannot complete the game. As the rules stipulate, her teammates cannot help her. It is ladies from the other team that help her to finish the race, to the anger of their teammates. The film raises crucial issues about the relationship between members of an organization. It depicts how employees ought to behave when they are under pressure. Should they place results above ethics?

Social pressures go a long way in determining how organization members conduct themselves

The two girls from the team in white, despite their desire to win the game, go against social pressure from their teammates to help the other team win the game. This is the case in organizations; employees should not put their personal interests above the good of the organization. Pressure from within can prevent a person from doing the right thing. Employees should stand tall and overcome this pressure; just like the two girls did. It was only ethical that the two girls helped their injured opponent. They did not focus on the result, but rather on doing what is ethical.

The film also raises a question about the legal aspect of the game

The rules state clearly that, during the game, the coach and team members cannot help their teammate. This is something that the Wolves team observes. They do not help their teammate, even if it meant losing the game. This should be the case in organizations. It is ethical that employees observe the laid down rules and regulations of an organization. They should not attempt to bend any rule if it favors the organization. There is a clear link between the legal and ethical side of any organization. In most instances, they always collide. Therefore, it is the duty of the employees to make sure that there is a balance between the two issues; ethics and laws.

Members of an organization should streamline their efforts towards the organizational good even if they are at loggerheads with each other. This is evidenced by how the two teams work together to help an injured mate. The success of an organization lies on how well employees observe the rules and ethical issues in the workplace.


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