Free The Speaker of Whitman's Poems Essay Sample

Question one:

The speaker of Whitman's poems often describes his relationships with other men. How would you characterize these relationships?

In a way, White man was almost becoming involved in homosexuality. However, it is difficult to explain in terms of his character sexually since there was no homosexuality at that time. He was always defensive about his sexuality with some people hence would put on a heterosexual mask during his poetry. Wilde declared that Whitman would not hide his character and suggested that he had kissed him. He put it clearly that the kiss of Whitman was still on his lips. Perhaps, Whitman was just pushing the metaphor’s envelop as a way of celebrating human companionship. He just wanted to celebrate the sexuality beauty sorting to keep a distance from sensational novels of that period.

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Question two:

In the Hours, the section about Mrs. Brown contains a long passage describing her efforts to bake a cake. How does the cake function as a metaphor?

The speakers of delight and bounty, the way an admirable house speaks of safety and comfort. The concoction of sugar and flour is a symbol of Mrs. Brown’s desire to be a devoted mother and wife, and the reader senses that the cake will obviously turn out no better than the action of Mrs. Brown to attempt embracing domesticity (Tory 26). The cake cannot fulfill her hopes of icing-topped splendor. 

The cake is a metaphor in the fact that it is used as an attempt of Mrs. Brown having the life and family she has envisioned. She observes the cake as a magazine perfect image of cake that is in turn representing the desire she has towards a perfect family. The baking is a metaphor in the fact that it symbolizes the tightening of bonds between child and mother relationship. This represents the achievement of Mrs. Brown’s goals.


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