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In her essay on Lewis’ Till We Have Faces, Sally assumes that C.S. Lewis has imposed his religious beliefs in the text to try and explain the human behavior and; therefore, the text has a religious bias since she feels that he is trying to fulfill his religious obligations. One implication of sally’s interpretation of C.S. Lewis’ inference is that it may shun those who are not inclined to reason in terms of religion or those that believe there is a greater being and he, or she controls that which happens in the universe.

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However, I do not necessarily agree with her assumption that he is imposing his religious beliefs in his deductions of the myth. This is because, despite the fact that some people will always claim not to believe in a greater being, at one point or the other they will always call unto a “god”; therefore, I believe that he is just correct in incorporating the two concepts of human behavior and the issue of religion.

By focusing on the validity of the recommendations by C.S. Lewis in his book, which she believes, can only work in that context but not in the world today where these recommendations may simply sum up to no development. She overlooks the whole principle behind his recommendations, which can and are truly much applicable on the present day and are even recommended by psychiatrists who have no religious inclination. Taking the example of the principle behind realizing one’s self and not working on actualizing of what others want you to be and hence you come to the realization that the answer lies with you. However, I agree with her that the book has perfectly acute in his perception of the human nature.

 “Then, just before he sent us away, he said “especially the elder, see if you can make her wise; it’s about all she will ever be good for.” I didn’t understand that, but I knew it was like the things I had heard people say to me ever since I could remember”

From this portion of the story where Orual gives an account of her father’s words, it gives two reasons for her mannerism.  Orual was rejected by the father, and; therefore, she always lived to be what the father thought of her and not what she was.

 “then I hardly knew myself again, till I found I was astride of Redival, she on the ground with her face a lather of blood and my hands about her throat.”

Since their child hood, Orual had been forced to compete with Redival because of her beauty; however, due to her living the life of an ideal her, which had been instilled by others, in this case, her father who thought she was ugly, she becomes a jealous person, and she gets the opportunity to revenge on Redival when she conflicts with Psyche.

Therefore, Orual’s character was based on what people think about her and she blamed the gods and not herself though she was the actual problem.


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