Free Valet Parking Justification Report Essay Sample

This report plan is to  outline an approach to the  forthcoming justification report. The recipient of the report is Mrs. Mary Withers, the owner of Blackberry’s Family Restaurant in Plainfield, NJ.  The justification report is purposed to make the recommendation to Blackberry’s to offer its diners a valet parking  on weekends and  special events hosted by the restaurant (such as live Blues Night). This recommendation will be proposed on account of the limited onsite parking, and the difficulty of finding available parking on Plainfield’s small and crowded streets. Valet parking will enable guests to pull up to the restaurant’s entrance, eliminating the need to drive up and down the surrounding streets to find parking when the restaurant lot becomes full. Moreover, valet parking will also help the restaurant to manage its onsite parking space more efficiently. Valet parking will make it possible to double and even triple parking, thus, giving more space for other customer’s vehicles. This recommendation is expected to alleviate customer complaints about parking during busy weekends.

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One potential resource to support the recommendation is the statistical data and information from the National Valet Parking Association with regard to the correlation of  the run-on service, customer satisfaction and profit increase. The next possible thorough  resources are: a report comparing the experience of outsourced  valet attendants, and liable information associated with valet service. Some methods of gathering information might include general poll-taking, data analysis of the customer survey or a cost efficiency report comparing   the  valet and non valet establishments. The criteria for evaluating these sources will include a comparison of existing (and successful) valet service companies, as well as the standards set forth by the National Valet Parking Association.

Expanding upon the justification for valet parking at Blackberry’s Family Restaurant, it is crucial to delve into the specific benefits that this service can offer beyond addressing parking constraints. Valet parking not only streamlines the arrival process for diners but also contributes to a positive first impression, setting the tone for an enjoyable dining experience. Studies have shown that the convenience of valet services directly correlates with improved customer perception, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Furthermore, the utilization of valet parking can be positioned as a unique selling point for Blackberry’s, setting it apart from competitors in the area. This distinctive service can be promoted through various marketing channels, enhancing the restaurant's image and attracting a broader customer base. Incorporating this aspect into the justification report emphasizes the long-term strategic advantages of valet parking beyond immediate problem-solving.

To reinforce the proposal, it would be beneficial to explore case studies of similar establishments that successfully implemented valet parking, highlighting the positive impact on customer satisfaction and business revenue. Real-world examples provide tangible evidence of the effectiveness of valet services, offering a practical perspective for Mrs. Mary Withers to consider.

In addition, gathering feedback directly from patrons who have experienced valet parking at other restaurants can provide valuable insights. Conducting interviews or surveys to understand customer expectations and preferences regarding valet services will contribute qualitative data to complement the quantitative information gathered from industry associations.

By weaving these additional details into the justification report, a more comprehensive and compelling case for introducing valet parking at Blackberry’s Family Restaurant emerges, encompassing not only logistical advantages but also strategic positioning and customer-centric considerations.


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