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For most of the history that has been recorded, violence has played a very significant role in our lives. Through the conflicts of a nation to international wars, violence appears to be the tool to people’s defense.  Even in our everyday lives, people want to make conflict disappear very fast after they encounter it. We normally do this through the use of violence in an unconscious manner regardless of whether it is through physical or verbal means. To the same effect, Chuck Palahniuk shows violence in the book, “Fight Club” as a cycle that is inescapable. Palahniuk effectively does this through the use of violence in the lives of the people he uses as his characters in the book. Violence has been used as a form of escape, a doorway to self-realization, an instrument for control and a boost up of self-esteem.

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Palahniuk makes use of violence in “Fight Club” as a way of escape. Fight Club is a support organization whose main aim is to escape disappointments and to assist release emotions that are built-up. The author says through his characters that they by no means say stop. It’s like they’re all liveliness, shaking very fast they haze around the edges, these guys are in resurgence from something. As if the alternative they have left is how they are going to die and they desire to die in a fight. In other words, the Fight Club was formed to permit men to relieve their stress and tension. It is a way of escape for the narrator, Tyler who formed the Fight Club and other many men who flock into the Fight Club also. Additionally, violence appears to have a calming consequence all through the book as the author reiterates through the characters that one could get the finger from other drivers and that complete strangers hated a certain individual. As though it was nothing of concern, the author through his characters says that it was completely nothing personal. Soon after fight club, relaxation follows because one just cannot care. Through fighting, the characters are able to give up their emotions and ultimately relax. The irony is that, Fight Club appears to also have a nature of therapy making it possible for members to meet other people with comparable emotions. Ironically, fight club seems to also have a therapeutic nature allowing members to meet others with similar emotions; there are people with sideways noses, and these people at the bar see others with the puckered hole in their cheek and they become an instant family. There are non-permanent bruises which symbolize recognition of the people who are escaping their disconsolate feelings inside them. Through violence, the author’s points are passed across. Violence has been dominated in the entire lives of the individuals in the book as a way of escape.

Again, violence has been used as a doorway of self-realization. The author is not happy and realizes that he is a lifeless drone.  He says that he wanted the plane to crash and envied individuals who were dying of cancer. He hated his life and was tired and bored with his job and furniture and could not figure out any way of changing things. All the same, unbeknownst to the narrator, the founder of the Fight Club, Tyler stressed the need of “hitting rock bottom”. In other words, there is nothing there for him to lose. Reinforcing notion, Tyler asserted in the manager’s office in the Pressman Hotel that there was too much to lose and that he had nothing and the narrator had everything. Through the use of violence, both Tyler and the narrator realize that there is nothing for them to lose other than the Fight Club. Moreover, the author ultimately comes to the self-actualization that he ruined his material life through the experiences with violence and Tyler. Towards the end of the book of the novel, the author claimed that we are not any special and neither are we trash nor crap. He believes that we are just what we are and what happens will just happen. Therefore, violence serves as a doorway to self-actualization.

The author utilizes violence in the characters’ lives as an instrument of exercising control over the universe.  “Projected Mayhem” was chiefly formed for control of the universe. The main objective was to teach each individual; in the project that he had the power and audacity to control the past. Everybody is thought having a power to control the world. Moreover, the members of “space monkeys” make use of violence for a taste of power. For instance, whenever an authority stands in between the space monkeys and their missions, they merely castrate the opposition. They desired to show the men and women freedom through enslaving them and exhibit courage again through frightening them. Due to this, violence had greatly been internalized; the men who were involved started to change the violence outward and directed it to the society. They said that they wanted to blast the world free from history. The author uses violence as a way of boosting the self esteem of the character in their everyday lives. In the modern culture, men sustain a high level standard for their individual image in the society.

In conclusion, reading the book establishes the way the violence role is powerful in a person’s life. When freedom comes with hands dabbed inside blood, it is difficult to shake hands as evident in the novel. Violence is actually not the key to information and enlightenment. Violence will always have a very significant role in people’s lives. All the same, it is not an answer to resolving awful fate, well taking into account the unlucky fate of the narrator. Chuck Palahniuk puts his points across exceptionally well, making the impact of his book exceptionally powerful. The violence use dominates the characters; acting as a way of escape, a doorway to self-realization and an instrument for control as well as a boost up of self-esteem. Violence is thus evident in these forms in Fight Club.


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