Free Why We Crave Horror Movies Summary Essay Sample

The essay Why we Crave Horror Movies by Stephen King explains some of the reasons why people choose to go to horror movies for entertainment. The essay goes on to explain that people need horror movies as a kind of release. King further says that the horror movies feed the darker elements within human beings that without sacrificing humanity and civility. He achieves this by comparing people based on the degree of sanity. He noted that even though there are societal eccentricities that are acceptable, there some that may lead to banishment from the society. Therefore, this paper puts to test King’s thesis which states that, “the mythical horror movie, like the sick joke, has a dirty job to do. It deliberately appeals to all that is worst in us. It is morbidity unchained, our most instincts let free, our nastiest fantasies realized and it all happens, fittingly enough in the dark”.

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First, it is important to note that the horror fans have different personalities, occupations and background, therefore, the theory put forward by King is not applicable to everyone. An individual may decide to watch a horror movie where people are killed summarily and destroyed instead of watching a history or learning channel. This could be caused by the desire to be entertained rather than to be lifted, informed, and inspired by history channel movies. Hence, the history channel may not be a consideration at that particular moment.

Personal tastes in movies inform the kind of movies that people watch

When Stephen King says that the horror movies does dirty job by satiating people’s urge and letting instincts run free, he could be inferring that the people could be having something dark and deep inside them. However, it may not be easy to prove that people feel some evil and deep inside that has to be satiated, for instance, on a weekly basis to cause blood rampage.

Moreover, there are some parents who allow their children to watch films that are perceived to be inappropriate for children’s viewing. In most cases, such parents tell their children that the scary monsters and movies are not usually real. Indeed, one can argue that he does not see people dying on the screen over and over. However, it is always a matter of the characters pretending and the movie continues. This arouses the curiosity of people who would want to know how the movies are normally thrown into the scan.

This has resulted into a number of people developing their career in horror film making where they eventually unravel the art and science of noticing, and analyzing all the stages required for the cut effect. Therefore, those who have become experts in the horror film industry know that what happens on the screen could merely be a reflection of what takes place in the real world. Horror movies need not to have negative effect on people’s live because they are mostly fictions resulting from cutting and paste that may or may not occur in the real world.

The shocks of watching things that cannot be explained also cause people to watch horror movies

Apart from the shock, the horror movies may cause the viewers to follow easily the flow of films. This is mostly common with films where characters are easy to count at any given moment. Nevertheless, the scares from the horror movies are not always predetermined; therefore, they may surprise the viewers who enjoy watching the movies. Finally, horror movies provide psychic relief to individual viewers.


In sum, it can be argued that King’s theory which states that there exists something dark within human beings that needs to be fed constantly cannot be disapproved. This is because; the desire to get lost in watching the horror for personal reasons and happiness overshadows negative effects.


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