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In our society today, gender and race differences when it comes to health are constant and certain. These factors assume significant parts in life opportunities bestowed to an individual. The roles and behaviors played by men and women directly or indirectly affect the health system in the society. Gender and race differences also contribute to the physical as well as mental well-being of individuals. Along with the pressure of society, financial capacity, and other aspects, these matters have its own consequences in promoting healthier lives.

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In most countries especially the United States, gender and race are great factors in terms of reproductive health care. Most black or African-American women get lesser health benefits and are mistreated compared to regular Americans. Underprivileged people also suffer from poor health system as the regulations implemented are not for them. Diseases and pregnancy problems are prevalent in black women since they don’t get considerable treatment from the country’s health system. The extensive poverty greatly contributes as well to the bad and inadequate health care that men and women of race receive. Natives and black individuals continuously struggle to fight for their health care which they deserve. The way these people, particularly the women, are treated, significantly affect their outlook in life.

Gender also becomes an issue as more often than not, men receive better treatment from the society compared to women. This is primarily because of the patriarchal thinking that the society has been used to for centuries now. Women are seen less and are believed to be less capable than men.

Gender, race, or money should not be a factor in giving importance to one’s health. Everyone should be given sufficient and adequate accesses to health care especially those deprived individuals. Access to health care is a right that everyone should be given and be able to benefit from. It is important for the government and people who are behind the health care system to spread proper education to all individuals who seek medical assistance. Women, regardless of their race should be more well-informed regarding matters that concern their health.


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