Free X-men Review Essay Sample

‘X-men’ is a five series film with its last series released in 2011. Originally, it was released as a comic book in 1963. The ‘X-men’ in this film are products of mutation of an X-gene. This gene provided powers to individuals at puberty stage. The leader of these mutants planned to cause nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States. His main aim in this war was to eradicate all the people who were non-mutants and make himself the leader in the whole earth.

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In many cases, a mutant that no longer looks human is not human. Taking the case of Mystique, she looks human because of her physical looks and had to always hide her real identity to avoid attracting attention from people. Freud’s notion of the uncanny gives a case where an object is uncomfortably familiar and strange such that it may make a person to reject it, rather than giving a compromise. If I looked like Mystique, I would have hidden my blue form and disguise myself into a human form. This is to ensure that, I do not attract attention from people and even lose close friends, who will tend to shy away from me.

Normal human beings will find it difficult to treat mutants equally, who no longer look human. If Mystique appears walking around a grocery, there will be different reactions from those people around her. Some may decide to go away from her due to fear and some may come close to her to see what she might be. The grocer men may not be willing to sell their items to her and may even force her to leave their premises.

Sebastian’s plan to have a nuclear fission between the Soviet Union and the United states could have worked and many people could have had their genes altered. His plan was however, protested by other mutants. If Sebastian had carried out the nuclear war to clear all humanity in the nuclear holocaust, then those who were against him would have seriously suffered under him. This is because he would have accomplished his mission and would easily promote Totalitarianism.

Sebastian’s intention to wipe out humanity and increase the number of mutants would have given a wrong identity to him. The converted humans will honor and respect him instead of killing him for having destroyed their relatives and family members, just like the Nazi holocaust, which gave a wrong impression of the real life situation. After the death of Sebastian, Magneto does not intend to exterminate the human race anymore. While on internment in Poland, it is more likely that he learnt on how to kill. This is because, before he went there, Sebastian used to torture him, and immediately he came back from the Poland camp, he pursues him and manages to kill him.

The mutant power that I could possibly have is that of entrepreneurship. This is the most common power and is of great benefit to those who possess. Sebastian is known to be a very a successful businessperson, though we do not clearly know how he came to acquire his wealth. If I were a mutant, I would side with the human race because they will help me in my business. I will therefore, not harm them unlike Sebastian who will still intend to mutate them although they are of benefit to him. The mutant power that I would not like to have is that of murder. This power transforms a person to a different form away from that of human. If I had this power, I would not side with the human race and will agree with Sebastian in the idea of wiping them out.


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