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BTF Shevenell Scholarship has been beneficial to many students in the world from both poor and strong backgrounds. It has enabled many students reach and attain their future career dream which that would have not achieved without the assistance offered by the scholarship. My interest in this scholarship is due to how I have seen others benefit from the scholarship and I have seen them climb greater heights in their college education. I would also like to achieve the same in my college education and am sure that I may achieve this if offered the BTF Shevenell Scholarship. My other desire for this scholarship if for the financial assistance in meeting the cost associated with the course that I want to major in. I feel that my parents may not adequately meet the cost and therefore wish that I could get the scholarship for my studies.  The cost of education has risen over the past years and being from a low income family, I may not be able to meet the cost of my course of choice.

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My college plans

My college plans are all focused in the field of marketing. I therefore wish to join the University of Central Florida and major in a marketing course. The ultimate aim is to get an international job in marketing and sales and prosper in this field. I prefer studying and working in the field of marketing due to many benefits that are in the field. I also plan that once I get a chance for the scholarship award, I may participate in extracurricular activities at the college level since these may give me n insight in participating at the national and international level. This may be of importance since it may enable me to explore the full potential of my talent in games and sports.  The college would also be an avenue for me to interact with students from other parts of the country and of the world I would learn from them. I usually have great interest in learning about different cultures and am sure I would be able to do this once I become a member of that college. Through the college, I will also be able to travel to different parts of the world. The marketing course requires one to be familiar with various parts of the country and am sure that this will be possible if I will join the college through the scholarship award.

My career aims

Generally, my college plans are to excel in marketing and sales and am sure that if awarded the scholarship, I will fulfill those plans. Marketing is regarded as the most important factor in economic growth of any company. Therefore, a career in this field can be very rewarding. One of the benefits is that the course is not very demanding and can be done even with low grades. With this, am sure that I will qualify for the course in University of Central Florida. Another benefit is that there are so many job vacancies in marketing due to increased industrialization in our country. These industries therefore need experts in sales and marketing who can do the job of promoting their products in the market. Am therefore sure that with this course I will get a job. 

Most companies offer the job to those who have a degree or a diploma in marketing and am therefore sure that I will get a job in a good company. Some of the positions that am aiming for in marketing career include the position of a brand manager, marketing manager, market research analyst and new product manager among others. With the current trends in globalization, am also certain that I can get a job anywhere in the world. This is considering the recent emergence of multinational and domestic companies which are creating more opportunities for the marketing professionals. It is also very easy to climb the ladder while in the marketing field as long as one is hard working. Therefore since am planning to maintain my vision and passion am sure that I will climb the executive ladder in marketing. The companies also require the qualified marketing personnel who can take the company to greater economic heights.  When give a chance for the scholarship, I will work hard to pass with high qualifications so that I can secure a big job in a well established company.

Other special needs

Apart from the above aims, I have others special needs that request to be considered as you review my application for the scholarship. One of them is that I come from a low economic background and I feel that may parent's earnings cannot take me the far I want to go in marketing career.  I also have siblings who need education and all of us cannot be sustained by my parents earnings. My award for the scholarship will help in lessening the burden that my parents have towards our education.

My other special need is that I really want to study at university of Central Florida which is hard to get a chance unless one is under scholarship. This is because the competition for chances in that college is high and I feel that on my own, I may not get the chance. Therefore through your intervention, am likely to get a chance. 


With the above information provided, I kindly request you to consider me for the scholarship. It would be my pleasure to do the course of dreams and to be in the University of my Dream with all this enabled by your scholarship award. I therefore submit my kind request for your consideration for the BFT Shevenell Scholarship.


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