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Graphic design is all about our day-to-day life since it controls advertising, it makes the public setting enjoyable and attract us to brands. I was always attracted to the adverts in the television as a child and I always made an effort to master the uniqueness in all of them. I realized that the style of the adverts kept changing according to what was affecting the society at a particular time. These changes were so frequent and this attracted my attention even more. As I grew up, I realized that this takes a lot of effort to entice the targeted group and to communicate. I also found out that people take many years studying how they can make what they do effective. I was then sure that I wanted to study graphic design.

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I then specialized in the right subjects to direct my dream and currently I am a sophomore. In an effort to attain my dream, I made an effort to learn English despite being Chinese. I believe this will enhance my public relations since I will be able to communicate openly with people from all races and backgrounds. I also moved to the United States ten years ago since it offers wider scope in my course of line. I have also been participating in short-term programs to enhance my knowledge. I participated in STOCS approved CUNY short-term program. I was able to interact with people from all over the world, which assured me that I am a good term player. This also show my self-drive and determination to achieve my goals. I love trying out new things and adventure. This drive is evident in my choice of colors in everything I do every day including dress code. This scholarship will be a life changing opportunity for me and I will be able to give back to the community.


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